List of books in which the former president Donald Trump And his family, which does not get away with it well, is long. Now I have grown another title. Washington Post journalist Carol Leoning looks behind the scenes at the US agency that provides personal protection for presidents and their families, at Zero Failures: The Rise and Fall of the Secret Service. According to the book, Leoning deals with Secret Service mismanagement alike Barack Obama And also in the Trump era. In the latter case, the book grabbed headlines even before it was published.

Two members of the former president’s family are said to have “inappropriately – and possibly dangerously -” approached the bodyguards, Leoning writes. “guardian” And the “Washington Post” to me. Both newspapers were able to read the book in advance. It’s also available in US stores since Tuesday.

According to The Guardian, Leoning writes in her book that Secret Service agents made allegations against Vanessa Trump. According to bodyguard reports, the wife of Trump’s eldest son, Donald Trump Jr, is said to have “started dating one of her family’s designated clients”. Vanessa Trump filed for divorce in March 2018.

Trump’s daughter Tiffany Trump has also been accused of having a private relationship with an agent in the book. After breaking up with her boyfriend, she was said to have “spent an unusually long time alone with an intelligence agent”.

According to the book reviews, Leonning wrote that the agency chief was concerned about “how close Tiffany is to the tall, gloomy and handsome agent.”

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Trump wanted to get rid of the “fat” bodyguards

Secret Service agents are prohibited from having personal relationships with the persons they are supposed to protect. The reason for this is the concern that such a relationship could negatively affect their judgment.

In Tiffany Trump’s case, the agent was later reassigned to a new position, according to The Guardian. Both the Secret Service officer in question and Tiffany Trump denied the allegations.

So it is unclear if Donald Trump himself was informed of these rumors. According to Leonning, he tried several times to shed clients he thought were overweight or small. Trump was quoted as saying, “I do not want these fats in my service.” “How will you protect me and my family if you can’t run down the street?”

In the 487-page book, Leoning doesn’t just investigate rumors about alleged relationships with clients. It also documented several cases in which bodyguards were unable to ensure the safety of those protecting them.


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