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4. More votes than voters

Donald Trump and his supporters continue to spread the claim that the number of votes cast in the presidential election is millions of times greater than the number of voters ever.

It is an attempt to discredit Joe Biden’s overwhelming lead in absolute votes. 8,128,916 votes were cast for Biden, compared to 742,23369 for Trump. Trump has made such allegations over and over again, especially for the state of Pennsylvania and the city of Philadelphia.

As the former Minister of Justice said about it William BarThis is “utter nonsense”. First of all, turnout in Philadelphia was more than expected. “There was nothing strange about it. There were no unexpected sounds in Philadelphia.” Second, voter turnout in Philadelphia was “quite in line with the rest of Pennsylvania,” Barr said.

Republican Al Schmidt, who monitored the election as a Philadelphia official, also contradicted Trump’s claim that votes were cast on behalf of about 8,000 dead. “After investigations, investigating officers did not find even eight cases in which this occurred,” Schmidt said. Trump’s claim that a truckload of Democrats’ ballot papers was transported from New York to Pennsylvania has also been refuted as a lie.

5. Foreign voters

Arizona was one of the states where sentiment finally swung in the Democrats’ favour. Ironically, the Trump-loving Fox News anchor was the first to announce, based on predictions, that Joe Biden would win the race there. By the way, the journalist in question was subsequently dismissed.

Not surprisingly, the Trump camp invented its own version of Arizona to explain the defeat. In his January 6 speech, before a mob stormed the Capitol, Trump said, “Over 36,000 votes have been cast in Arizona by non-US citizens.”

Before the investigation committee, he was Donald Trump’s campaign manager Bill Stebbin, which he said was a “wild claim” that “thousands of illegal immigrants” voted. This seemed to him “unrealistic and not possible at first glance”. When the allegations were then examined, it turned out that the votes in Arizona had been cast by voters.

Not just in Texas, the Republican Party still stands by Donald Trump despite these lies being refuted. They continue to create “alternative facts,” in the words of former Trump spokeswoman Kellyanne Conway. And their voters believe him.


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