Test sérologique Coronavirus (photo d'illustration)

Parents who have recently completed parental authorization for the Covid 19 vaccination, for their children over 12 years of age, may have checked this box, allowing them to benefit from Rapid serological test (TROD test, to test serodiagnostic orientation for Covid 19) before first injection. These tests have been published since June 15, 2021, and were able to determine whether the patient actually had Covid, but without symptoms, and whether he had enough antibodies to only need one injection.

Since mid-July, all vaccination centers are supposed to conduct these tests systematically, on all people who come in to receive their first dose, after their teens. It is basically a matter of managing the doses better, by giving only what is necessary to patients.. And they all got the kits needed to carry out these TRODs.

There are no serological tests for Jane this week

The Regional Health Agency of the Val-de-Loire Center says that all vaccination centers in Loire perform these tests, but In fact, the situation is a little more complicated than that, and in fact, these tests are not accessible everywhere. For the question: “All centers in Loiret do TROD practiceARS answered accurately: “?We did not find any difficulties in performing these tests. All centers have the ability to do TRODs. It just depends on their inventory that they manage directly by ordering on a platform set up by the national level. ».

At the Jane vaccination center, they were done systematically for a month, says Jeffrey Tanvern, the center’s coordinator. “But we will not do it this week. We have not received the necessary endowments, so it will not resume until next week.”.

The same in Soleil-sur-Loire, where the deputy mayor in charge of running the vaccination center, Patrick Helen, has ensured since Monday 9 August Be able to test everyone who comes for a dose : “We’ve found additional staff, and we’ve got people monitoring the results. What we hope isn’t delaying us too much. We run the tests right before the first injection, and eventually, when we give them their QR code for health clearance, we tell people whether they need to come back or not. for the second dose”.

In large vaccination centers, it is impossible in practice

But in other department centers, and more importantly, things are more complicated. Admittedly, TROD doesn’t take long, It is simply a stick tapping your fingertip, and the result is displayed on a tape in less than 15 minutes. But it does require extra staff, extra space to keep people patient, and completely different logistics, in short.

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In the Olivet vaccine hall, where about 1,000 injections are made per week at the moment, Adrien Thévelin, vaccination reference for the French First Aid Federation, confirmed that It is impossible to prepare this test in a systematic way. “We are doing a hundred weeks work, for people who ask us, or who have a strong doubt about the precedence of Covid”. This test is recommended, in spite of everything, especially for adolescents. “Because this limits the injection, and therefore better dose management, and thus makes it possible to reduce the time to obtain a valid health clearance”.

Very low positive rate

On the other hand, at the Vaccinodrome de Montargis and at the Pellicer vaccination center in Orleans, we are known to be unable to perform these tests at all. In Orleans, it will take at least four additional caregivers in the morning and afternoonAnd extra parking space and completely different logistics. In Montargues, the mayor, Benoit Dijon, simply states: “It slows everything down, if we do it.”

What is certain is that the results of these tests show a very low percentage of positivity. In Gien, for example, who has a month of hindsight because TRODs have been systematic since about the beginning of July, Jeffrey Tanvern mentioned Between 0 and 2% of positive results, that is, people who come for vaccinations and still have antibodies in their bodies.


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