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FC Augsburg: FCA allows fans into the stadium against Hoffenheim

More than 10,000 spectators are allowed for the opening match of the German Football League Augsburg. The FCA also allows fans to enter.

As the incidence value related to the city Augsburg under 35 on monday, Augsburg On Saturday at the start of the season in the return match against TSG 1899 Hoffenheim invite up to 10,700 spectators to the ring (3:30 p.m., sky). “We are delighted that we are finally planning for safety to start our game at home this weekend and we can start selling tickets,” says Michael Stroll, managing director of the FCA. “It could have been an additional challenge for us, both organizationally and economically, if we only allowed 1,500 visitors instead of 10,700 spectators due to other individual injuries and exceeding the limit.” The FCA advocates that when the public is readmitted, additional criteria such as progressive vaccination rates or the hospitalization rate should be considered and that there will be better planning for future games.

It was a mountain bike tour as part of the team's program...

FCA Training Camp: Match Draw Test and Fury on Danso

Photo: Klaus Rainer Krieger

FC Augsburg allows guest fans to enter its stadium

Advance ticket sales now begin Monday at 3 p.m. Seats are available in “chessboard pattern”. This means that there must always be free space and that the offset of the front and back rows should be used. The Ulrich Biesinger Amphitheater and guest area are now also equipped with seating.

The FCA also provides tickets for TSG 1899 Hoffenheim for guest fans, although this will only be mandatory at a later time due to linkage requirements. “Fans far away are part of the fan culture of FC Augsburg. So it was clear to us that we wanted to make tickets available to our guests for the first game on the grounds of the season as soon as this became possible in the concept of hygiene,” said Michael Stroll. Five percent of the 10,700 tickets were passed to Hoffenheim, so in theory, 537 TSG fans should enter the stadium. (the)

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