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DJK Holzbüttgen soccer players crowned German champions

DJK is Germany’s 2022 champion (Photo: Tilmann Driessen)

Karst. In a tight match, DJK Holzbüttgen’s Bundesliga side held the lead and beat record champion UHC Weißenfels 3:4 after overtime. Yannick Heinen’s golden goal crowned the team with champions and sent the entire Holzbutgen into a collective trance.

It was clear to everyone involved that after the penalty shootout a week ago, it was going to be another exciting match. The two best teams of the last Bundesliga season showed that throughout the year. But very few of them expected it to be nerve-wracking again. The second game of the final Best of Three series, which featured a lot of frantic and lively ups and downs for extended periods, is back in overtime once again. Weißenfels’ players were rarely able to bring their excellent game technically and tactically onto the field. The people of Holzbuttger put a lot of spirit, speed and physical commitment into it.

However, it was always the hosts at Stadtparkhalle Weißenfels who supposedly were closest to victory, who repeatedly took the lead (Philip Weigt (10), Max Planck (29) and Tommy Takala (53)). But the people of Holzbottger, with their irrepressible will, always found an answer. Janus Brucker equalized the first goal with a dismissal from his brother Niklas (10 min), who fought at the beginning of the third half through the Weissenfels defense alone and poked the ball into the net (44), Turbine Kleinhans allowed himself to go at the end of the regulatory time and then managed by Janus Brucker, sinking into the goal From a middle distance, he entered his team in overtime.

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Between then, goalkeeper Jan Surber repeatedly stuck his fingers in the match and stopped the Weißenfelsers’ dangerous attacks so they couldn’t close the sack too soon.

With 3:3 he went into overtime and it looked a lot like a penalty shootout again, until a minute before the end Jannick Heinen grabbed a heart, Moritz Neustadt poised and searched the way forward and in front of the opponent’s goal a double pass. Combined with Janus Brucker, who was as strong as a bear, he played again today, for the sure turnaround to win and finally the German Championship.

Great cheers from the team, who looked for the way straight to the DJK fans they traveled with on the runway. After the match, Yannick Heinen revealed his opinion on the near final: “I think it’s fun for the fans to see a final like this. It’s also a great feeling as a player: Weißenfels went up three times, we came back three times and then to win a match like this and get the German title.” That’s more important. For us, too.”

After the game, his coach Tim Hedskis recapitulated the entire season and the impressive performance his team has had in the league since January: “In the past few months we have mainly focused on getting our tasks done. We knew our game plan, we knew what we had to do and we also knew it wasn’t going to be easy. Absolutely. In the regular season finals, the team was able to follow the game plan and every player took responsibility. We showed throughout the season that we were good at coming back and didn’t lose extra time this season. That gave us confidence. The confidence in the plan was there, the team followed it and it rewarded for that. “.

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In the end, division chief Philip Jesse not only praised the team, but also the entire organizational apparatus: “What a season. I congratulate our boys and head coach Tim Hidskis and all the staff from the bottom of my heart on winning the title for the first time in the club’s history. Then The biggest there.We in Weißenfels successfully started the preparations (win the RENEW Cup, signed D. Red) and now the circuit ends with the goal of an OT win by Jannik Heinen. The hard work and openness to a new game system has paid off and the team can, but also the team behind the team – From the kids of the gang to the board – to feel that they are part of the success. This title win lasts forever. The sympathy of those around us – from sponsors, politicians, the city and of course the many loyal fans is unbelievable. Our fans follow the live broadcast everywhere. In Sweden and Finland And Switzerland and also in Canada, Spain, USA and Seychelles, fans watched the match live and sent congratulations. Just awesome. Now let’s enjoy this historic title. Hello DJK!”

Fans welcomed the championship team who stayed home in front of Stadtparkhalle Kaarst on Sunday evening. The photos show how tight a group the team and fans are. The importance of the globe is shown in Holzbüttgen and Kaarst. Sports fascinate young and old alike. A championship title is not the end of a story. Now it really starts.

DJK Holzbüttgen Globe Department website:

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Qualifying Table – 1st Floorball Bundesliga:

1. Bundesliga soccer ball – first leg

Qualifier Finals – Game 2
06/25/2022 – 4:00 PM

Opponent: UHC Sparkasse Weißenfels
Venue: Stadthalle Weißenfels

Result: 3:4 nV (1:1; 1:0; 1:2; 0:1)


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