Discussion of the “Armed Attack”: Flick’s interest in Schlotterbeck and where to look for national coach shortcomings

Discussion of the “Armed Attack”: Flick’s interest in Schlotterbeck and where to look for national coach shortcomings

A few minutes after the game, he was required to speak at the stadium in Cincinnati. In the short conversation between national coach Hansie Flick and DFB debutant Nico Schlotterbeck after the German national team’s 2-0 win over Israel, the positive content must have been greater than the negative. SC Freiberg’s central defender made a strong debut on Saturday evening in Germany’s start to the World Cup year. His very strong acting almost got a stigma last time. After flirting with the ball, Schlotterbeck went for a furious tackle with Israeli winger Jonathan Cohen in the penalty area, who came on as a substitute. There were penalties as he only hit Cohen’s leg instead of the ball – after all, goalkeeper Kevin Tropp, who came to Mark-Andre der Stegen at half-time as planned, blocked the goal with a strong save.


Eventually, the determined performance of the 22-year-old from Freiburg left an unpleasant aftertaste. After the final whistle Flick reminded him of it again. “Nico and I talked about the penalty situation,” the DFB coach said SportsBUZZER required. Although his new defender made a “great game”, he was “active and confident in possession – that’s what we coaches want to see from him”. Flick then qualified: “If he makes a mistake like that, he will not be fully satisfied in the end. I hope the last step will teach him a lesson.”

The national coach had already pointed out at a press conference on Friday that Schlotterbeck was “a little comfortable” from time to time. This is what happened when he seemed to not pay attention to what was almost the last move of the game. ZDF-Expert Per Mertesacker, in addition to words of praise, spoke of an “arrogant attack”. The person involved does not want to let it stand. “I would not say that. I think the situation was worse,” the New German International said.

Germany in personal criticism against Israel

German national team in personal review against Israel.


Flick: “We work on it”

Schlotterbeck’s game had a lot of light before the final shadow moment. The U21 European champions were not really challenged on defense. Attack excursions are characterized by clever runs, clever passes and inattention. In the 35th minute he made a deep pass to Timo Werner and opened up a great opportunity for the Chelsea professional. He caught the ball himself a few seconds later and then started another good chance for the German team with another good pass.

Schlotterbeck, who is ready to learn, has been showing his potential at his club throughout the season. For Breisgauer, who is currently fifth in the Bundesliga table, the defender, born in Waiblingen, ten kilometers from Stuttgart, is always rock on the surf. So the first mission for Germany was not surprising. Following this introduction, the chances of being included in the squad for the Winter World Cup in Qatar have further increased. This is shown by Flick’s report, which acknowledges that Schlotterbeck could have done better. This is what he said with the aim of further developing the SC professional: “We work on it, and Christian Streich also works at Freiburg.” Serious interest Leading clubs FC Bayern and Borussia Dortmund are proving to be the beginning of Schlotterbeck’s solid performance.


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