Dengue fever in Reunion: 1,474 new infections in one week
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The province, ARS La Réunion and Santé Publique France regret to announce the deaths of two people directly linked to the dengue fever that occurred in recent weeks.

Serious forms of dengue fever are still being observed this week. It reminds the authorities of the need to maintain daily vigilance by using protective measures to prevent disease. The campaign “Dengue is more severe than ever, let’s protect ourselves!” This week continues with the testimony of a female student who has been hospitalized.

Since January 1, 2021

24,836 confirmed cases

627 hospital admission

3340 emergency visits

14 deaths directly related to dengue fever

(Data from the French Regional Public Health Unit, ARS)

Dengue fever case on June 22, 2021

24 municipalities have been affected by this epidemic.

The western sector accounts for nearly 60% of the island’s cases (stable compared to the previous week). Saint Paul remains the city with the most virus spread, followed by La Possession.

In the north, cases are increasing in Saint-Denis, particularly in Saint Mary and Saint Suzanne.

In the south, the number of cases remains high in Saint-Joseph and Saint-Pierre.

In the east, the majority of cases are recorded in San Andrés and San Benoit.

Case clustering site (dengue outbreaks)

Western Region

Port (SIDR Basse et Haute, Ariste Bolon, Saint Ange d’Oxile, Cœur bleeding Haut, Old town, ZUP 1, Rivière des Galets)

La Possession (Rivière des Galets, Moulin Joli, Halte là, Pichette, Saint Laurent, Cap Noir, Dodin, Ville, Camp Magloire, Ravine à Malheur, Le Vingt-Septième, Dos d’Âne)

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Saint Paul (La rue Jacquot, Gare Routière, Savanna, Grande Fontaine, La Plaine, Bois de Nèfles, Le Ruisseau, Macabit, Sans Souci, Downtown, Bellemène, Plateau Caillou, Le Petit Bernica, Fleurimont, Tamatave, l’Eperon, Saint – Gilles-les-Hauts, Ville, La Saline, Hermitage, Mont-Rocouvuel, Coche, Trou d’Eau, Les Vilaus, Bruniquel, La Sallene-les-Bains, Lotisment Gait, Hermitage-les-Hauts, Lot Bellevue, Saint-Gilles – Hammamet, Les Aigrettes, Residence Champagne )

Three Basins (La Souris Blanche, Bois de Nèfles, Montvert)

Saint Leu (Pointe des Châteaux, City, Cap Lelièvre, L’Etang, Stella, Piton, Butor)

Southern area

Saint-Joseph (Manapany, Les Jacques, Ville, Le Butor, Bois Noirs, Le Goyave, Jean Petit, Langevin, Le Plateau, Matouta Line)

Petit El (La Ravin du Pont, La Croisy)

Saint-Pierre (La Ravine des Cabris, Bois d’Olives, Lataniers, Chemin Stéphane, Ligne des Bambous, Basse Terre les Bas, Ville, Ravine Blanche, La Cafrine, Grand Bois, Mont Vert les Bas)

Les Aveyron (Barotti, Raven Sich)

The Etang Salé (Canoes, Etang Salé Les Hauts)

Le Tambon (Trois Maris, Bras de Pontho, Henri Roussel, Sarda Garriga)

The northern area

Saint-Denis (Les Bambous, Roiseau Blanc, Petit El, Brittany (bottom), Elite a Source, Saint Clotilde, Le Choudron, Moffe, Vauban, Saint Jacques, Buteur, Camellia, La Providence, La Source)

Sainte-Marie (La Grande Montée, Bois Rouge, Le Verger, Les Gaspards, La Conveaning)

Saint Suzanne (La Marine, Bagatelle, Shores)

Eastern Region

• San Andrés (Camboston, Les Flamboyants)

• Brass Bannon (avocado)

• Saint Benoit (Petit Saint-Pierre)

• Saint Rose (Petit Brulee)

The “Dengue fever is more severe than ever, so let’s protect ourselves!” campaign continues this week

Discover this week the video of the testimony of Lily Rose, a college student who contracted dengue fever in March 2021. She was unable to go to school for 12 days and was hospitalized for one day because she could no longer eat. Through her testimony, she called on residents to protect themselves so as not to get sick.

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