Defeat against Barcelona: Real Madrid enjoy their own funeral in Classico
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Real Madrid will hold their own funeral in Classico

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The royal family is in mourning: Vinicius Jr. and cheerful rivals of Real Madrid

What: AP / Petitioner Fernandez

FC Barcelona celebrated the unexpected shooting match at the 249th Clasico. Real Madrid were also pleased with the defeat on home soil. The specially designed special jersey had an unwanted coding effect.

V.Maybe it’s a foretaste. Real Madrid, that’s Royals, that’s Galaxy, that’s white ballet. However, for the prestigious Classico against FC Barcelona, ​​the leaders of the Spanish primaries were all dressed in black.

A special jersey for the club’s 120th birthday and a fitting costume for their own funeral, which lasted 90 minutes. Real suffered a defeat against their archival in front of their own crowd. The bass were accidentally played wide, the players slipped and the defense did not live up to its name. The capitals around German world champion Tony Cruise and former Bayern defense chief David Alaba lost 0: 4 (0: 2) to FC Barcelona, ​​which was at least in financial crisis. A tragedy.

La Liga - Real Madrid vs FC Barcelona

Shock: Real Madrid coach Carlo Ancelotti


“We were incredibly bad, Barcelona were incredibly good,” Nacho Fernandez said succinctly: “No front, no back, no midfield – we’ve nowhere. It’s a room in the face, it’s hard. But we’re first.

Barcelona lost more victories

After a half-time break, Pierre-Emerick Abamayang (29th and 51st), Ronald Arrojo (38th) and Ferran Torres (47th) ended the 249th fight in history for Xavi Hernandez. Abameyang, Torres and Usman Tembele missed other high-profile players against the ailing Madrilinians.

La Liga - Real Madrid vs FC Barcelona

Holiday at Bernabeu: Barcelona celebrate 3-0 victory


National goalkeeper Marc-Andre ter Stegen spent a quiet evening targeting guests against utterly disappointing hosts. Without the injured goalkeeper Karim Benzema, the Matrilinians attack would have accomplished almost nothing.

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Lionel Messi

Most recently, Barசாa faced Eintracht Frankfurt in the quarterfinals of the Europa League, winning 4-0 at Real Madrid in November 2015. However, in the last six classic matches, the club has not won. In the table, Real are under coach Carlo Ancelotti with 57 points (57) more than Sevilla FC, who played only 0-0 at home against Real Sociedad San Sebastian. FC Barcelona are third and Atletico Madrid are level on points.

“We went very well forward and put incredible pressure. That’s how we should always play,” Barca captain Sergio Busquets said: “We continue to grow under Xaxi. Our first goal is second place, then we’re going to see how it goes.


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