Declared Extinct: An Unsuccessful Search for the Ivory Woodpecker

As of: 09/29/2021 9:37 PM

It was once one of the most famous birds in the United States. But now the ivory woodpecker – along with 22 other animal and plant species – is considered extinct. The responsible authority in the United States sees guilt primarily in human beings.

A US agency has recently declared the extinction of 23 animal and plant species. One species named by the Federal Fisheries and Wildlife Agency is the ivory woodpecker, which was once one of the country’s most popular birds. In addition to birds, a bat, two freshwater fish, eight mussel species and a plant have been declared extinct. Scientists have tried to locate this species in the wild for years – to no avail. However, some researchers believe that it is possible that some of them will reappear somewhere at some point in time.

The agency has initiated procedures to remove the species from the endangered species list for the species concerned. The agency said the letter “underscores how human activities can lead to species degradation and extinction by contributing to habitat loss, overexploitation and introduction of invasive species and diseases.” “The increasing impacts of climate change are expected to exacerbate these threats,” she said.

The whereabouts of the ivory woodpecker is a mystery

The ivory woodpecker had black and white plumage with a red crest on the males, and its length was about 50 centimeters. This made him one of the largest woodpeckers in the world. Because of its size and beauty, it has been nicknamed the “Bird of God God”: the bird of God and God.

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The bird’s whereabouts have been a mystery among researchers, and there have been unconfirmed reports of sightings of it on several occasions. However, experts agree that it was last seen without a doubt in April 1944 in northeastern Louisiana – where it is native to the swamps of the southern United States. The bird was not classified as an endangered species until 1967. It is believed to have fallen victim to deforestation and forage hunting.

Of the total of 23 extinct species, 11 are from Hawaii and Guam. Animals that live on the islands are more vulnerable to extinction than the inhabitants of the mainland because of their isolation. The Hawaiian and Pacific Islands have more than 650 endangered species of plants and animals, more than any other US state. There are not many of them anywhere else in the world.


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