Daughter of Putin’s political mentor: Yes, I’m in trouble

Daughter of Putin’s political mentor: Yes, I’m in trouble

Spachak’s message after escape
Putin’s adopted daughter is in ‘big problem’

As the daughter of Vladimir Putin’s political mentor, Ksenia Sobchak has more freedom in Russia than other members of the opposition. But during the week, the journalist fled to Lithuania due to allegations of extortion. She is now complaining on Telegram about jokes, conspiracy theories and lies.

Prominent Russian TV presenter and former presidential candidate Ksenia Sobchak then decided Escape from Russia She stated and admitted that she was in “big problem”. “I’m not on Telegram as often as I used to because all my thoughts are with my loved ones who are cut off and of course my co-workers cut off from the world and their families,” 40-Omar writes in one longer last telegram. “Yes, I’m in trouble. Apparently in big trouble.”

Sobchak left Russia earlier this week and fled to Lithuania via Belarus. The background to this are allegations that she was involved in a “particularly large-scale extortion case”, which she did not address further in her position. For this reason, your home was searched Wednesday morning, and the commercial director and former editor-in-chief of your media company, Attention Media, was arrested.

After her escape, Sobchak denied these allegations. She wrote on Telegram that it was an attempt to put pressure on her media company. “This is clearly an attack on my editorial office, the last free editorial office in Russia that should have come under pressure.” The 40-year-old succeeded in the Russian attack on Ukraine YouTube channel It has been criticized several times in recent months.

“Is it okay to spread lies?”

In her last telegram message, she also criticized the fact that many lies and lies about her and her team are currently being spread on Russian TV and in the Russian press. “Two boys can go to prison for up to 15 years,” Sobchak says. “Are you okay with spreading jokes, guesses, conspiracy theories and lies against this background?”

The journalist is the daughter of Anatoly Alexandrovich Sobchak, who in the 1990s served as the mayor of Saint Petersburg and was a political advisor to the President of the Kremlin, Vladimir Putin. So for a long time she enjoyed more freedom in Russia than other members of the opposition. Soon after their escape, the Russian Business Portal reported RBC Quoting a source in the Russian Interior Ministry, contrary to what was first reported, Sobchak is not a suspect in the alleged extortion case.

hoping for a misunderstanding

According to Russian media, its commercial director and former editor-in-chief of Attention Media are said to have jointly requested money from the CEO of Russian technology company Rostec for the positive reports. After her escape, Sobchak wrote on Telegram that she did not understand how Rostik and his boss were involved in the case. She hopes there is a misunderstanding that can be quickly cleared up.

Sobchak ran against Vladimir Putin in the 2018 Russian presidential election. At the time, observers accused her of allowing herself to be used by the Kremlin to create some kind of competition for the elections.


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