Recently, Daniela Gutsenberger proudly presented her fans as a result of her breast augmentation. Now the TV star is openly talking about the physical consequences of the practice – and showing the traces he left behind.

Photo series with 17 pictures

A lot of vision has changed for Daniela Gutsenberger over the last few weeks. On the one hand, the 34-year-old parted ways with her longtime brand, the Platinum Blonde Men. Then appeared with a darker, more natural appearance. The TV star, on the other hand, went under the knife and tightened her breasts in an operation that lasted several hours.

“I can introduce: my new cat mountains”, Daniela shared her decision with about two million Instagram followers Proud of his account recently. Even a few weeks after the operation, five-year-old Sofia’s mother did not regret the decision. “I’m mega happy,” he revealed when asked in a question-and-answer session now, but also acknowledged the serious effects the surgery had on the body.

“Of course you can see something more”

When a fan wanted to know if Daniela was in severe pain, she posted a picture showing her bust size shortly after the procedure – including hematomas and bloody scars. “Do you have any questions?” The TV star wrote about the recording, which speaks volumes and you can see in the video above.

It is important that Lucas Cordelis’ wife does not report a distorted image. “I don’t want to shine anything here,” he insists when a follower asks him about the healing process. “It was a complete tightening, you can clearly see something there. It takes until it completely fades,” he writes about another photo, which shows the scars on their current condition.

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Daniela had already recommended to her fans: “Do not break such a decision above your knees! Take the time you need, because the breasts will not run away from you.” She thought about it for a long time too. Shortly after the birth of daughter Sophia she was not happy about her transplanted bust, but now, more than five years ago, she decided to have this procedure.


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