Cup-winning HSV dream alive – thanks to goalkeeper Heuer Fernandez | – Game

Cup-winning HSV dream alive – thanks to goalkeeper Heuer Fernandez | – Game

Status: 03/03/2022 11:43 am

The dream of winning the first trophy after 35 years is alive at HSV – mainly thanks to Daniel Heuer Fernandez. Hamburg goalkeeper famous match winner – once again, with two penalties saved against Carlsruhe.

By Matthew Hetrich

Self-esteem is not a 29-year-old thing. “It was an incredible team effort from the first minute to the final,” said “Faro” – he was called up to the team – after the quarterfinal thrill against KSC: “We did not do badly on penalties either.”

With two saves from Marvin Vanitzek and Ricardo van Rijen’s penalties, keeper Hamburger led SV to the next round, and 25,000 fans at Vauxhall Stadium dreamed of watching the DFB Cup final on May 21. In Berlin.

“‘Faro’ means everything that represents our team. He always has a playful solution with the ball, has a strong character and fully believes in what he does.”
HSV-Coach Tim Walter

Despite all the humility, Heuer Fernandez fully enjoyed the cheers of the fans. “That’s why you play football, for cup nights like this,” he said after concentrating on his lap, he had to hi-fi again and pose for photos.

HSV goalkeeper Daniel Heuer Fernandez saved a penalty.  © Witters

Video: HSV – KSC: Full Length Penalty Shootout (6 min)

“Penalties are a matter of luck and a bit of skill,” said Heuer Fernandez. “The basic thing is to be quiet. In this situation, the shooters are very quiet.”

The German-Portuguese are now being tried and tested for keeping his nerve. HSV won the 16th round 1. against FC Köln and 1. against FC Nürnberg. With the mighty Heuer Fernandes on penalties in the second round.

Huer Fernandez: “I like it, I want more”

“We are proud of what we have achieved, we are looking forward to the semifinals and we want to move on,” he said, extending his contract with Rhodosen to two years. At the beginning of 2024. And he will have no problem getting back to the finals in Berlin: “I like it, I like it more.”

Semi-final draw on Sunday at Sportso

Whoever it is against in the semifinals will be decided in the semifinal draw on Sunday at the ARD Games (7.15pm). Only one Bundesliga club can be considered an adversary: ​​RB Leipzig, Union Berlin or SC Freiburg. Matches will be held on April 19th and 20th.

Glatzel: “Of course we want to reach the final”

“We have no favorite enemy. It doesn’t matter who we oppose, it will definitely be a big highlight again,” Robert Glatsell said. The striker won Hamburg’s second match, converting two goals and a penalty in regular time. “Of course we want to get to the finals now,” he said.

“Faro ‘is incredibly important to the team. He really gives us stability.”
HSV striker Robert Gladzell

Hamburger SV last played in the trophy final at the Berlin Olympics 35 years ago. On June 20, 1987, Manfred Colts et al. The Stuttgart kickers won the pot against the team – this was the traditional club’s last major title from Elbe.

Nuremberg is waiting in everyday league life

The Cup final in the capital is still a long way off for Hamburg. With the game set to take place in Nuremberg on Saturday (8.30pm, at the NDR Live Center), the fourth-placed team has less important daily league life waiting for them to stay in touch with promotion venues and the “club” in the distance. . “Winning the cup will inspire us for the next few weeks,” said sports director Jonas Bolt: “We have super confidence this season.” And a super goalkeeper.

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