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Yamaha Motor Europe expands its commitment to electric mobility

Yamaha Motor Europe expands its commitment to electric mobility

Yamaha Motor Europe They just announced that they want to get more involved in the field of individual electric mobility. The “Switch ON” campaign has now been launched for this purpose, in which the Japanese will reveal many details about the upcoming products. In addition to e-scooters, there will also be a vehicle similar to the S-Pedelec, which is being developed with Fantic and Motori Minarelli, and of course the foot pedals, which will be presented this year at “E-AllMountain,” “E-Gravel and E classes should be available.” -Urban Eric de Seynes, President and CEO of Yamaha Motor Europe says:

Mobility has been constantly evolving. Our cities and infrastructure have been adapted to this time and time again. However, there is one thing that has not changed over the decades: the desire and general need for individual mobility and the sense of freedom associated with it.Eric de Sens

As a leader in e-bike engines—Yamaha actually launched the Power Assist System (PAS) in the early 1990s—the foundation was laid for the first mass-produced electric bike. To date, it has been able to remain at the forefront of drive manufacturers and offers many high-performance lightweight and compact drives, of which more than 7 million units have been offered in the meantime.

The demand for foot pedals and e-bikes has increased dramatically in the past. In Europe alone, more than 5 million units were sold in 2021 – many with a Yamaha engine. So the company has now also decided to produce engines directly in Europe, while continuing to develop systems for bike manufacturers without restrictions.

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If the US already has its own e-bikes in its lineup, three new, self-developed models will be introduced in 2022, which will be in the “E-AllMountain”, “E-Gravel” and “E-Urban” classes at will. Yamaha Motor Europe would like to announce more detailed information next summer. The new clamp pedals will be sold through the Yamaha Powered Two Wheeler network by the end of 2022, before being available nationwide from European sales partners in 2023.

Yamaha E-MTB model

A special feature was developed in collaboration with Fantic and Motori Minarelli. The new Yamaha B01 hybrid (similarities with Fantic Issimo clearly) must cleverly combine S-Pedelec functionality with the performance of an urban terrain motorcycle.

Yamaha B01 (Developed with Fantic)

Modernity currently exists only as a conceptual model, but it will be developed to sequential maturity with Italian partners. Eric de Sens reports on this:

Yamaha is looking to further expand its single-navigation offering and open an entirely new chapter in the company’s history. With global technical know-how and professional sales partners behind them, the introduction of these new electrical products and associated services will inspire a new generation of customers.Eric de Sens

In any case, we will continue to follow Yamaha’s innovations. More information is also available below www.yamaha-motor.eu to get rid of them.


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