The Chinese hand of developer Crytek has apparently leaked the existence of “Crysis 4” – the first new installment of a science fiction franchise in nine years.

Update: Can go so fast. With the teaser trailer, Crytek draws attention to a new “Crysis announcement”, confirming the existence of “Crysis 4” with the “4” in the clip. The company wants to release more details later.

Original message: After the “Crysis Remastered Trilogy” was received with mixed emotions, it seems to be working on a completely new game in the Crytek series. The first picture of “Crysis 4” was released on the official social media account in China.

Like Eurocomer Discovered, the news broke through the official Crytek account on the Chinese site BiliBili. The published picture shows the helmet lying on the ground. The Chinese text in the picture is roughly translated as “Crysis Series Part 4”.

The accompanying text also makes it clear that the image can actually be called “Crysis 4”. It says: “Xiao C presents a great New Year’s gift to the Tigers of the Year: the Tigers are back and growing strong! Project Crisis 4 Confirmed, New Nano Battlefield Opening!”

Crysis 4 folkt Crysis Remastered Trilogy

The need for this series to be revived was made clear not too long ago by the reissue of the classic series. Crytek launches the “Crysis Remastered Trilogy” in October 2021. It includes new remasters of “Crysis 2” and “Crysis 3”, integrated with the previously released remaster of the first game.

Crytek is a German developer based in Frankfurt am Main. It was founded in 1999 by brothers of Turkish descent Sevath Yerli, Avni Yerli and Farouk Yerli. The company was involved in the 2004 release of For Cry. It was followed by the first Crisis games and the disappointing Xbox One exclusive Rise: Sun of Rome with One Meta score 60.

Additional News on Crysis:

The company later became involved in projects such as The Climb, Robinson: The Journey, Hunt: Showdown and The Climb 2, some of which were released for VR systems. As soon as the announcement of “Crysis 4” came, You can find out in our news overview.

What do you think of the idea that “Crysis 4” may be announced soon? Are you looking forward to the sniper or is the “Crisis trilogy” enough for you?

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