Craft Club: Ride with me at the Tokyo Hotel

Magdeburg / DUR / Slough – The Chemnitz-based Kraftklub has gained notable support from Saxony-Anhalt for their third single from the new album “Kargo”. Craft Club sings with the Tokyo Hotel on the song “Fehr Mit Mer (4×4)” released on Friday morning.

Craft Club: New song “Fehr Mit Mer (4×4)” with Tokyo Hotel

The song, which in a broad sense deals with the departure from a conservative bourgeois society, was sung by Felix Kommer and Karl Schumann as well as Bill Kaulitz. Brother Tom can also be seen in the video.

The other two members of the Tokio Hotel Georg List and Gustav Schäfer cannot be seen in the video. As fans say, they each had different dates while filming the video. It was only recently that the Kaulitz brothers reported on their cooking show Boomermann’s statement that in a Tokyo hotel it was usually said anyway: “Bill can’t do it alone.”

After Wittenberg Is Not Paris: Will Kraftklub Discover Her Love for Saxony-Anhalt?

In the new song, Kaulitz sings, among other things, “Something in the Home Office can’t be my home. I can’t stay.” There are certainly parallels to the life of the American Chosen, who moved to Los Angeles with his brother a few years ago.

For Kraftklub it is afterWittenberg is not Paris“Already the second song in a short time with connections to Saxony-Anhalt. In addition, the pause appears at the beginning of the new video in the video “Wittenberg”.

Did Chemnitz discover their love for the state? At least one invitation is still pending: the city of Wittenberg has invited Kraftklub to a concert. Until now, Kraftklub fans have had to travel farther to see the band live. Leipzig, Berlin and Erfurt are on the schedule for the Autumn Cargo Tour.


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