COVID-19: Why is the American Health Association recommending a new booster shot in the fall?

Vaccination against Covid-19, is it back on a trip? In a notice published on Wednesday, the Supreme Health Authority recommended preparing for a new wave of vaccination at the beginning of the school year for people at risk of developing severe forms. However, the coronavirus seemed almost forgotten. According to data from Public Health France, 24,000 people test positive for the virus every day in the country, six times less than in two months. And no new variant, so far, looks anywhere near as successful as Omicron.

Green pointers, which do not prevent HAS from (already) considering promoting a new vaccine. The body, whose views the government regularly follows, has developed three scenarios for the development of the epidemic in France in the fall. The first, the most optimistic, predicts a return to normal. In this case, “Future variants appear significantly less severe, and immunity to severe forms is maintained”. The strategy that will then be adopted will be to vaccinate only the immunocompromised, As part of a joint medical decision, estimated HAS. This is for the limit “Morbidity and mortality associated with Covid-19”.


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