ProSieben remove Heidi Klum from the program?  Viewers are angry

ProSieben: After the GNTM allegations – did you remove Heidi Klum from the programme? Viewers are angry

05/26/2022 at 09:41 AM

GNTM: ProSieben Show Winners

GNTM: ProSieben Show Winners

These are the previous winners of “Germany’s Next Top Model”.

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Big buzz about it GNTM2022 Finals! The night before the big live show, Heidi Klum was supposed to appear live on ProSieben, but the supermodel’s fans are looking down the drain.

.’s appearance GNTMCoach was secretly removed from the program on Wednesday. While that ProSieben Some of the lies can be shed by this interview.

ProSieben secretly cancels the appearance of Heidi Klum

Just a few days before the GNTM final, several former candidates from the acting program spoke online to distribute the format. The production allegedly wanted to endanger the girls. One participant even claimed that Heidi Klum gave her a scar.

A spokeswoman for the program responded, “This is nonsense.” But what does Heidi Klum say about the allegations of her former subjects? It should be on Wednesday evening (May 25) on the talk show Zervakis & Opdenhövel. Neighborhood. To be clarified.

ProSieben announced the supermodel’s live performance online. Of course, GNTM fans didn’t want to miss the 48-year-old’s statement. So they ran the show excitedly – but there was no trace of Heidi.

ProSieben reports the frenzy – GNTM fans get nothing

There was no explanation for the program change. On the contrary: you acted as if nothing else was planned. Instead of the claims of the NLM, on Wednesday it all revolved around the terrible killing spree in Texas. Admittedly, it’s a more relevant topic than coordinating casting. Nevertheless, fans of the model’s presentation could have been delighted with a short message.

Instead, they stayed until the last minute, hoping that Heidi Klum would eventually show up. A confused viewer on Twitter asks: “Did I really miss that with Heidi?”

Another fan finally stated, “There will be nothing more than Heidi. All offline ads are cut off.” Followers of the show imagined it differently. Someone annoyed, “Fed up for a long time and now shut up?”


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The finale will at least happen as planned: You can read what happened on Thursday night’s ProSieben live show at GNTM’s live tape.


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