Covid-19: From Tuesday, a negative 24-hour test is mandatory for travel abroad

The rules are getting stricter for travelers who want to go to French overseas territory. As of Tuesday, “all passengers bound for Overseas Territories will be required to submit a negative PCR or antigen test on board, in less than twenty-four hours,” the Overseas Department announced Friday. This new measure is “necessary to protect the overseas territories from the new wave of the epidemic under the influence of the Omicron variable,” he justifies.

Until then, tests were mandatory for all travelers coming to these lands from France, but the rule differed according to the vaccination status. A PCR test of less than 48 hours or an antigen test of less than 72 hours was required for vaccinated subjects, when unvaccinated subjects had to submit a negative test within 24 hours. This time, everyone is in the same boat.

Another great novelty lies in the fact that the travelers in question are not only those who depart from metropolitan France, but from all countries of the world. The statement issued by the ministry said that this measure is valid “for trips from France as well as from all foreign countries.” Until then, only restrictions “determined locally by the representative of the state or competent authority” apply.

Le projet de loi transformant le passe sanitaire en passe vaccinal, présenté lundi en Conseil des ministres, prévoit par ailleurs de prolonger l’état d’urgence sanitaire jusqu’au 31 mars 2022 en Martinique et de le déclarer la jusquê’ the meeting. It is specified in the text that “if a health emergency is declared in another supermarine community before March 1, 2022, this emergency will also apply until March 31, 2022.”

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