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Now the majority in Belgium, Omicron’s little brother is raising epidemic numbers mainly because of his ability to penetrate immunity caused by vaccination or a previous infection.

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yon stealth aircraft. This is the image provided by the French infectious scientist Gilles Pialoux to describe the unprecedented ability of the omicron variant and even more of its little brothers BA.4 and BA.5 to pass under the immune defenses acquired during pre-Covid infection. -19 or vaccination. A feature that allows it to expand the number of people likely to be affected – the unvaccinated and the uninfected are now almost non-existent – through re-infection or superinfection (post-vaccination). In Belgium, where BA.5 should become the dominant variant this week – it accounts for 49% of cases detected according to the latest genetic surveillance report from KULeuven – the number of contamination cases increased by 25% (more than 3000 cases per day) and hospitalizations by 32% ( 87 virus admissions per day) in one week without worrying experts and authorities at this point.

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