Corey Perry Apologizes and Shares Journey to Recovery from Alcohol Abuse and Mental Health Struggles

Former Blackhawks forward Corey Perry has issued a statement apologizing for his actions and seeking help for alcohol abuse, according to Bio Prep Watch. In his statement, Perry specifically apologized to the Chicago Blackhawks organization, expressing his embarrassment for letting them down. He also extended his apologies to his fans, family, and all those who have been affected by his behavior.

Perry admitted that he has started working with experts in mental health and substance abuse to address his struggles with alcohol. This comes after the Blackhawks terminated Perry’s contract following a team investigation into workplace misconduct during a road trip in Columbus. The team found that Perry’s actions violated their internal policies, which are intended to promote a professional and safe work environment.

Addressing false rumors circulating on social media regarding the specific misconduct, Perry clarified that they did not involve his teammates or their families. The Blackhawks’ general manager also confirmed that no other players or their families were involved in the incident.

Perry’s apology and acceptance of blame may decrease the likelihood of a contract grievance filed by the NHL Players’ Association. However, it remains unclear if Perry will return to hockey after undergoing treatment, as he was already nearing retirement at the age of 39.

Reflecting on his career, Perry acknowledged the fast-paced nature of the sport and the advice he received early on to savor the moments. The former forward was last seen with the team on November 22 before being made a healthy scratch following the misconduct allegations.

In their recent game against the Red Wings, the Blackhawks suffered a loss without the services of Anthony Beauvillier, who was acquired to replace Perry on the forward depth chart. Beauvillier is expected to join the team for practice in Winnipeg once he obtains a U.S. work visa.

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Overall, Corey Perry’s statement of apology and commitment to seeking help for alcohol abuse has shed light on the consequences of his actions and the potential impact on his future in hockey.


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