Cora Schumacher and Jenny Elvers often had the same guys!

Looks like Cora Schumacher (45) and Jenny Elvers (50) have the same booty scheme! In the Good Mood Club, old friends are now reuniting – and with their love triangle around ex-candidate Mark Terenzi, 43, bringing some drama to the Thai club holiday. But even before the show, the former racing driver and former celebrity Big Brother winner were in each other’s way because of the guys. Korra and Jenny I slept with the same guy at the same time!

kora And the Jenny The show has already given a lot of drama about the former SixxPaxx stripper – because though kora And the Mark I came close under the covers at first, grouped together Jenny After her late arrival with the 43-year-old. However, this does not appear to be anything new for ex-Ralph Schumacher (46) – because blondes know that men share it kora previously. Jenny banged the same guy as me. […] At the same time”spoke to other club bis Theresia Fischer (30), Julian FM Stoeckl (35) and Martin Semmelrouge (66) in the current episode.

At the same time I remembered kora Also because they were chosen in the previous round Mark He made his decision. “He played me at night and Jenny during the day.”She shared her suffering with other residents she trusted. sees the error kora Especially with the actress – after all, it would be Jenny Deliberately provoke this “stunt”.

“Club der Gute Mood” from May 4, 2022 every Wednesday at 8:15 pm on Saturday 1 and at Joyn.

Cora Schumacher and Mark Terenzi "good mood club"

Good Mode Club, Saturday 1

Cora Schumacher and Mark Terenzi in “Club of Good Moods”
Jenny Elvers and Mark Terenzi in “The Good Mood Club”
Cora Schumacher in March 2022

Instagram / Kuracchumacher

Cora Schumacher in March 2022


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