Home Top News Condolences to Dust Mountain: Blues and Beard Culture

Condolences to Dust Mountain: Blues and Beard Culture

Condolences to Dust Mountain: Blues and Beard Culture

“Dush” is a vague word. The slang word is a) human buttocks and b) a form of luxury. . “I didn’t hear much,” he said in a hoarse voice. “I said, Lord, take me to the downtown / I’m looking for a few drops.” During the recording, according to Hill, woke up.

Evidence for being underground

Is a slander blue? Rather evidence of an underground approach. ZZ Top Texas, this is a divine position. In “Jesus Leaving Chicago”, the group describes the Son of God departing south from Chicago, jumping into Mississippi and turning “muddy water” into wine. The piece appeared on “Dress Homepress” in 1973, the best album of the rock trio, including the classic “La Grunge”.

ZZ Top was founded in 1969 in Houston by guitarist and lead singer Billy Gibbons. Born in Dallas in 1949, Joseph Michael “Dusty” Hill soon joined the band with drummer Frank Beard. Both played in several garage rock bands, last known as the American Blues.

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“You have to know what you want and make it ice cold. Otherwise you have no chance,” said Dusty Hill. ZZ Top took advantage of their opportunity. Formula for success: Strict minimalism.ZZ The best songs are based on the blues program, which rumble and roll with great precision, sometimes with a short guitar solo, sometimes with harmonica screaming, sometimes crossing the line from Texas blues to hard rock.

The concerts were like comedy shows

And then of course Dusty Hill and Billy Gibbons’ beards: too long, too fancy, gray. They were the band’s trademark with two front men’s sunglasses and hats. Their concerts are something of a comedy show. ZZ Top starred in the movie “Back to the Future III”, Hill appeared in the “Deadwood” series and was a cartoon character in “King of the Hill”. He said of his beard: “I do not know how I am down – and I do not want to know.”
Dusty Hill died Wednesday at his Houston farm. He is 72 years old.

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