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Music composer and composer Andreas Herbick has died, and Hamburger was instrumental in the return of Udo Lindenberg. He died of lung disease at the age of 55.

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By Julia Jacob

The list of artists produced by Andreas Herbick is long – I + I, Juli, Deichkind, Sascha, Jochen Distelmeyer and Till Brönner. The one from Hamburg was very involved internationally. Peter Urban, an NDR music expert, knows his work: “Bootsy Collins, aha, here at Boogiepark Studio, Pokemon moved on to his nickname – summer drama. That’s his job and his idea.

Producer of Lindenberg’s “Stark We Sway”

In the 80s, Herbick worked with Annette Humbe at Boogie Park Studios in Hamburg, nicknamed Boogieman. However, his 2008 Udo Lindenberg comeback album “Stark Way Sway” was a milestone. “As the hammer flew in my hat, I had to pinch, I never thought it would be like this. It took five days, already gold … all of this at astounding speed,” says Lindenberg.

Andreas Herbick had extraordinary talent as a musician – confirms Peter Urban: He had the ability to crystallize the essentials, not much fanfare, so he revived Lindenberg and came back.. “

Multiple Echo Winner

Lindenberg and Herbick had known each other for a long time, and the relationship between the two never broke down. In 2008 came the collaboration that gave Lindenberg an almost glorious renaissance. Lindenberg was aware of Herbick’s ability to reduce, focus, and ignore: Lindenberg, aware of his friend’s serious illness, told NDR how sad he was. Andreas Herbick has won the Music-Echo Award four times this year for being the most successful producer and five years ago he was a member of the jury for the Eurovision Song Contest.

The album “Gute Reise” by the hit duo Annette Humpe and Adel Tawil beat Deutsche Phono-Akademie. His verdict: “Technological ingenuity and musical touch, the producers have summed up the Berlin band’s concept.” Andreas Herbick died Tuesday at the age of 55.

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Anti-light microphone.  © fotolia Photo: vectorfusionart

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As a music producer, he was instrumental in the return of Udo Lindenberg. He died at the age of 55. 4 minutes

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