Collective bargaining employees at West German factories: VW and IG Metall enter the next round

Collective bargaining talks at Volkswagen entered the fifth round on Monday. According to IG Metall, representatives of the employer and the union withdrew into further negotiations in the afternoon. The pressure for a conclusion as soon as possible has increased recently after a result for companies in the minerals business was agreed on Friday in Volkswagen in Lower Saxony after lengthy discussions. Warning strikes have already taken place there and at several sites of the largest European carmaker.

We are looking for a new degree for more than 120,000 employees bargaining collectively in VW at six factories in West Germany. The company offered a one-off payment of 250 euros in the first half of 2021 and an effective wage increase of 1.2 percent in the next year. In addition, instead of the previous performance component, employees should receive a “standard special payment” of 1,800 euros per year.

Future solution

IG Metall dismissed this as insufficient. Thorsten Gerger, the head of your region in Lower Saxony and Saxony-Anhalt, said before the start of the fifth round that the metal surface finishing “showed that good and future solutions can be found even in difficult times.” But this cannot be the carmaker’s “individual scheme” along with a demand for four percent additional cash on other points basis. IG Metall at VW also claims expanded options for shifting work hours and apprenticeship commitments. Grger announced that he now hopes for a “decent and fair show”. (Dpa / mer)

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