CNN on Intelligence Report: Moscow delayed Kherson withdrawal due to mid-term?

CNN on an intelligence report
Moscow delayed the withdrawal of Kherson because of the mid-term?

The Russian army had been under pressure in Chersonesos for a long time – but the official withdrawal did not take place until last Wednesday. The day after the US midterm elections. Intelligence indicates that this connection is not accidental.

According to a report, US intelligence indicates that Moscow may have delayed announcing its withdrawal from the southern Ukrainian city of Kherson due to the US midterm elections. The US station CNN reported, citing four unidentified sources, that Russia did not want to give US President Biden’s government any advantage before the so-called half-term.

They said that senior Russian officials discussed the election as a factor in the timing of the official announcement. A person familiar with the intelligence told CNN that waiting until after the US election was always a “planned precondition” for Russia’s withdrawal from Kherson. However, there were several reasons for the withdrawal from Chersonesos. According to military analysts, Russia had few operational options and had been preparing to withdraw for weeks.

US President Biden also cited suspicions that the timing of the withdrawal from Cheerson is related to the midterm. “First of all, I found it interesting that they waited until after the election to make this decision,” Biden said a day after the US election.

According to the radio, information received from intelligence indicates that “Russia is still interested in influencing the political scene in the United States.” Although the sources continued to say that Russia had misjudged the impact of the announcement on the United States.

The Biden Democrats did surprisingly well in the important midterm elections. Opinion polls predicted a catastrophe for the Democrats and a huge victory for the Republicans. But this did not happen. More than eight-and-a-half months after the Russian invasion, the Ukrainian army achieved a major success last week: After successful counter-attacks, the Russians in the southern Chersonese region withdrew from the regional capital of the same name and elsewhere in the region. Right bank of the Dnipro River.


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