Climate crisis: Half of Europe at risk of drought

Status: 08/23/2022 08:13 AM

According to a study conducted by the European Union, almost half of the European territory is currently experiencing drought. Consequences include crop failure and energy production problems. China is struggling with similar problems.

According to an expert report, nearly half of Europe is at risk of dehydration. current show it European Drought Monitor ReportAn institution of the European Union Commission. It warns of drought in 47 per cent of the European region, while the situation is already alarming in 17 per cent of the region. The situation has only worsened since early August.

Too much heat, not enough rain

The reason is the persistent lack of precipitation linked to a series of heat waves since May. The drought had a severe negative impact on agriculture and crops, with corn, soybeans and sunflowers affected the most. Lower river levels also affect the energy sector, such as hydroelectric generation and power plant cooling systems. The recent rains have done little to change the overall situation.

Too dry almost everywhere

In particular, the drought risk increased in Italy, Spain, Portugal, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Romania, Hungary, northern Serbia, Ukraine, Moldova, Ireland and the United Kingdom. Conditions deteriorated most in areas already affected by drought in the spring of 2022, such as northern Italy, southeastern France and some areas in Hungary and Romania. In the Euro-Mediterranean region in particular, November is likely to be much warmer and drier than usual.

Drought in China too

It is also very dry in some parts of China. According to government reports, large parts of the country are currently experiencing the hottest and driest summer since records began in 1961. As reported by the official China News Agency, 14 regions and provinces are currently experiencing “moderate to severe” drought.

Falling water levels in rivers such as the Yangtze affect electricity production and thus the economy. Companies in Sichuan Province have been asked to ration electricity. In the southwestern city of Chongqing, shopping malls are reducing working hours in order to reduce the energy consumption of air-conditioning systems.


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