Christian Eriksen on EM's Heartbreaking Drama: 'I've Been Dead for Five Minutes' - FUSSBALL INTERNATIONAL

The worst scenes were in EM 2021. Christian Eriksen (29) suffered a cardiac arrest on June 11 in Copenhagen in the EM match against Finland (0:1).

Now the Danish star speaks on the Danish TV channel “DR” and publishes a version translated into English via Instagram.

This is what happened to Eriksen!

“In the hospital they kept telling me I was getting more and more flowers,” Eriksen explains. “It was weird because I didn’t expect people to send me flowers because I had been dead for five minutes.”

He also has an emotional message for all his supporters: “I would like to thank all my fans who have sent me the thousands of letters, emails and flowers that have come to me on the streets of Italy and Denmark for the support I have received from all over the world. It has helped me so much to get through it. It has affected me a lot. From the people – and they wanted to show me and my family that. It makes me happy.”

Eriksen is back in fitness again and is looking for a new club. He’s sure that his comeback can work: “Because I don’t feel any different. Physically I’m at his best again.”

In December he agreed to terminate his contract with Inter because Italian rules prohibit players with a defibrillator from participating. As a result of the arrhythmia that was found, Eriksen was implanted with a similar one.

The Dane talks about a big wish: “My goal is to be in the World Cup in Qatar. I want to play. It is a goal, a dream. Whether I will be nominated next is another matter. But my dream is to return.”

We hope that Eriksen will soon be back on the pitch safe and sound.



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