Chris Hemsworth talks about his latest movie in the MCU

In an interview, Chris Hemsworth spoke about honoring a fourth solo movie and that Thor: Love and Thunder may be his departure from the MCU.

When Thor appeared in theaters in 2011, the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) was still in its infancy, with the only characters to grace the cinematic universe so far were Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr.) and Hulk (Edward Norton in the only MCU) appearance). At the time, it wasn’t really clear where the journey might ultimately lead.

It was even more surprising to see a somewhat unknown actor in the lead role as God of Thunder for the first time. The general public only knows Chris Hemsworth – if any – from his mini-appearance on “Star Trek”. But with Kenneth Branna as the director, an elaborate version of the macho giant succeeded. Thor – The Dark Kingdom two years later was a step backwards in every respect. Hemsworth’s superhero has been called the MCU’s most boring character. Then salvation came in the form of director Taika Waititi, who brought the arrogant Thor to Earth and returned to the hearts of fans in Thor: Day of Decision.

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Intergalactic Road has grossed nearly $850 million worldwide and is the Australian actor’s most successful solo film to date. Now he can brag about being the first superhero with a fourth solo movie in the Marvel Studios portfolio. In the 6 July 2022 The film opens in local cinemas with “Thor: Love and Thunder” and is a logical continuation of Thor’s (inland) journey. And while the trailers so far refer to a movie full of love and insight but also action, Hemsworth believes this could mark the definitive end of his personal journey:

“Okay, the last one [Marvel-]The movie I did was Thor: Love and Thunder and it might be my last Marvel movie, I don’t know. It was a wild, fun and quirky experience like all of Taika Waititi’s films. I’ve played this character for ten or eleven years now. And each time it was new and exciting. And this movie was no exception. It felt so refreshing and it was like trying something we hadn’t tried before. It was, in Taika’s words, a crazy, brutal space-based romantic comedy…I love playing Thor – I’ve been impersonating it for many years and will continue to do so if people want it. The hard thing about playing Thor is reinventing it every time and making it unexpected for the audience. And not making it something we’ve seen before… That’s a challenge, but it’s also part of the fun.”

You can see what awaits you in “Thor: Love and Thunder” in the current trailer.

Thor: Love and Thunder – Teaser Promotional Trailer Advance Ticket Sales in English

What are the odds of Chris Hemsworth staying in Thor?

The inevitable end comes for every character in the MCU and therefore also for their actors. Despite their success and popularity, Robert Downey Jr. and Scarlett Johansson have already called. And Thor: Love and Thunder could be the perfect ending for Chris Hemsworth as he passes the torch to Jane Foster aka Mighty Thor (Natalie Portman). Sure, in a comic world like this, no one is ever really dead, and there are always ways to bring the characters back. But the 38-year-old looks like he finally wants to go down other paths and try other roles. He just had his first experience with the Netflix movie “The Spider’s Head”.

But, if fans wanted it — and Marvel Studios saw an opportunity — Hemsworth would never refuse to reprise his role as Thor (via Fandango):

“I carry it [‚Thor: Love and Thunder‘] Not as the beginning of a new trilogy, because every time I make a movie I like, “I’ll never do it again…” because it’s so hard. There are other films and I have done it eight times now. I said eight times, ‘I think I’ll stop now. I had a good run. And then I was caught again by Yankee dollars. They were attracted by the cookies…and the Oscars.”

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