Celebrity Big Brother (Saturday 1): Danny Buchner talks candidly about her newcomer — do you know him?

Danny Buchner speaking from The Sewing Box.

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On Celebrity Big Brother, Danny Buchner talks about her love life after her split from Ennesto Monte. There is already a new man in her life.

Cologne – It’s ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ time again! This season, 16 candidates have gathered in the space. Including reality TV newbies like former Bachelor candidate Mimi Gozos and Eric Senderman, whose name you must remember. But old trash TV hands are also part of the party: including Schlager singer Melanie Muller and TV immigrant Danny Buechner. While Mimi Gozdz has already described her heartbreaking experiences on The Bachelor season, Danny Buchner didn’t hide behind the fence with details from her love life—like Saturday 1 I mentioned the third day before the show.

‘Celebrity Big Brother’ (Saturday 1): Danny Buchner reveals her love life

After breaking up with Ennesto Monte, the 43-year-old should have fun with a new guy, she herself explained. However, her current relationship status suggests a complicated story: “I’m single,” she recently announced the separation at first. However, it seems that there is something new in her life. “There’s someone who I think is good, and maybe he likes me, too.” So even though the interest appears to be mutual, there is still a problem because the “relationship” is not exclusive. In addition to the “Celebrity Big Brother” nominee, he “also has many other nominees.”

“But his appearance…”, “…Nice?” ‘Cologne 50667’ star Danny Liedtke adds. “Yes!” Danny is excited. Next, Melanie Muller also wants to know exactly: “Do I know him?” She asks curiously and immediately receives the answer: “I think more than I do.” Before the Schlager singer gets more specific, Danny asks, “But we say no names.” Roommate Danny Lydtke confirms her realignment: “But that’s totally fine. They’ll be more relaxed then.” The immigrant can’t help but agree.

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‘Celebrity Big Brother’ (Saturday 1): Danny Buchner doesn’t want a steady relationship

“Yeah, I don’t have any pressure either. I might not be the only one. But after the disappointment I’ve been through, I don’t want to have a stable relationship right now.” Only Eric Senderman has another tip for the 43-year-old: “You just Don’t fall in love.” But Danny doesn’t seem to want it at all: “For God’s sake. Leave that to others. I’m fine.” Perhaps Mimi should have taken this advice into account as well, because she still can’t speak very well about Bachelor Nico Grisert. (jbr)


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