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Recently, we have seen various reports, for example, of the conflict between NATO and Russia pointed out by Jens Stoltenberg. Does this have anything to do with the arrival of the new US President Joe Biden? Which is true and which is false? Is there really a threat of fighting on the European front? For these questions in the interview for prvnizpravy.cz. Zdeněk Zbořil replied.

First, the politician noted that news from domestic and foreign backgrounds in the United States, the Far East and Russia should be handled with caution.

“… we have to be careful, we have to think here The stage plays a kind of theater a Behind the scenes Will take place Completely different Things, “ Zboril said.

“For example, the US president’s statement that President Merkel is a great president and that his tenure will be highly favored, in fact less than four years, is another US president (…), a company at the same level as the current one, and we call her the worst president in German history. What this means is that if someone says that his biggest enemy is the People’s Republic of China, the president often talks about China, which I understand to be China’s communist China, but the Chinese may feel differently, and they may think they are Chinese living somewhere else in the world, even in the United States. , So it’s a blank slate, well written in the Washington Post, but we do not know if it’s true, “Zbořil said.

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According to Zbořil, the speeches of Russian President Vladimir Putin or spokeswoman Maria Sakharov are also some of the statements we need to make in the opinion of the Foreign Ministry or the presidency, “but the case remains to be seen.”

According to Zbořil, this also applies to the European Union, which considers Zbořil more transparent than the policies of the United States, China and Russia. According to him, the policy of the European Union and the strongest member states is reacting helplessly to the power triangle of China, the United States and Russia.

“Of course, the fact that no idea of ​​foreign policy orientation has been born here since the founding of the European Community is a plea that human rights are being violated somewhere, which is already as defamatory as politics, a political concept that I do not know where to find, other than a political non-profit organization. It will be believed, “said Sophosil.

What does Sposil think about a possible war?

“The conflict you speak of Definitely possible, God knows what the secret plans of the military will look like, but of course the fear of World War III, which will be similar to World War I or World War II or other wars, He is not in placeSpossil thinks.

Our politicians see the Russian Federation as the Promised Land, for example, under Napoleon or Adolf Hitler. According to him, this campaign for the Russian Federation is already in full swing, we are talking about multinational companies with minerals of mine, many of which are in the Russian Federation.

“Another question is whether the United States can sustain itself not on economic grounds, but on the basis of some social peace, and will not undertake an adventure that will take place at the level of environmental destruction of the planet,” concludes Zdeněk Zbořil.


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