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Suspected money laundering –

This case includes the founders of companies investigated under the sections relating to the legalization of criminal proceeds.

The Ministry of the Interior has selected Dartigrad International Consultancy in a tender to provide antigen testing to schools. As the site points out News list, The company’s offer is worth 40 million more than other bidders. In addition, the company did not meet the terms of the tender.


In addition, it turns out that the government does not know who is really behind the opaque company. According to Neovlivní.cz, the individuals appearing in the story own businesses for corporate companies used for money laundering.

Dartigrad International LP, based in Edinburgh, Scotland, is the sole owner of Dortigrad International Consulting, which has a registered capital of only a thousand crowns. It was founded in 2016 by Airtel Impex and Vesat Holding based in the Marshall Islands.

The documents for the British Thai Dortigrad International were signed by two women, Dominican Passport, Janet St. Loose and Deborah Marina Grant.

All of this data can be read from the publicly available business register.

Source: Business Registration

The names of both women are in the analysis of the investigation portal Belling Gate, with, Which describes the activities of companies involved in money laundering. The analysis, titled British Money Washers, divided them into four groups, focusing on UK-based companies.

Janet St.. Loose and Deborah Marina Grant from the story of the Czech antigen tests are part of a group of Dominicans who set up personalized companies suspected of being involved in international activities to embezzle criminal proceeds.

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“Dominicans Sandra Caesar, Kimora Renata Harris, Janet St. Luce (Also known as Janet Lucy St. Luce), Deborah Marina Grant And Naomi Jno Pearl John, ‚ÄĚstands in the analysis.

Corwald Transit, one of Janet St. Luc’s companies, was involved in a 2016 lawsuit in which the United States sought to recover $ 25 million. This is a fraud case against an “unnamed American community” and money laundering. “On July 22, 2016, the United States filed a lawsuit against several companies, including SLP Corvald Transit LP, founded by Janet St. Los,” Bellington analysts wrote.

The U.S. case in question is described Here.

Who is really behind the company selected by the Czech Interior Ministry as the provider of antigen tests to schools, can not be read from publicly available sources.

Minister John Hamek insists that everything in the competition must be standard. “I recommend to the Prime Minister on Monday to submit to the Government all the documents related to the selection of tests for schools. I will also ask for the contribution of the Security Services. Announced today.

However, the Prime Minister, who responded immediately, said he wanted the tender to be canceled. According to him, children do not go to school because it is not possible with regard to the development of the disease.

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