Buy PS5: MediaMarkt and Saturn with Best Chances of Falling - Status at 16.02.
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MediaMarkt and Saturn are the two big players in the German PS5 field. However, the situation is calm here at the moment. When is there a recharge?

Hamburg – If you want to buy a PS5 in Germany, you can’t avoid MediaMarkt and Saturn. The two electronics markets are big dogs around the PS5 and they continue to sell thousands of Sony consoles. However, it has become very quiet about providers at the moment. We’ll tell you how things are currently looking for supplies at MediaMarkt and Saturn.

Console name PlayStation 5 (PS5)
the creator Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE)
Type Fixed game console
generation 09. Console generation
medium memory Blu-ray, SSD
launch 19. November 2020

PS5 buy: MediaMarkt and Saturn with supplies in February – is anything coming soon?

When was the last time it was refilled? The last drops occurred on MediaMarkt and Saturn on January 20th. So we’ve been waiting for new consoles for almost a month now. At that time, the two dealers sold quite a few PS5 consoles surprisingly. The most important buying links in MediaMarkt and Saturn can be found here:

When will there be a new drop in MediaMarkt and Saturn: There are usually new consoles on MediaMarkt and Saturn at least once a month. But often there were already several drops per month. Chances are very good that there will be more supplies in February. You can’t give a guarantee, but distributors have some of the best downside opportunities in Germany.

MediaMarkt and Saturn drop-offs do not occur on any specific day of the week. Each of these days was indeed a day of renewal. As for the down time, watch for traders between 10:00 AM and 2:00 PM. To date, most consoles have been sold there.

Buy PS5: MediaMarkt and Saturn with Best Chances of Fall – Current Situation.

© MediaMarkt / Saturn / Sony / Unsplash

Buying PS5: Important tips for buying consoles from MediaMarkt and Saturn

This is how you increase your console chances at MediaMarkt and Saturn: In general, you should set up a customer account here before the procurement wave. This saves unnecessary data transfer in the event of a fall and you can buy faster.

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Plus, the “shopping cart trick” always works. If you still have an old MediaMarkt and Saturn drop console in your cart but can’t buy it, don’t delete it. Time and time again, it happens that these people have priority in the next drop and can get the PS5 before all other buyers.

Also, be prepared that there are always two downswings in MediaMarkt and Saturn and that retailers are always supplying together. So if there is a drop in MediaMarkt, it should immediately continue on Saturn. If the first wave has passed, a second wave will usually come with new dashboards after a few minutes. The drip can sometimes take longer than 2 hours. We’ve summarized the general situation regarding the PS5 in another article. *affiliate link

List of rules: © MediaMarkt / Saturn / Sony / Unsplash


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