Broken after game problem: Zwayer is no longer used in BVB

Broke after the big game problem
Zwayer is no longer used in BVB

Key referee Felix Zuer protects – but his appearance in the first match between BVB and FC Bayern has consequences. At the moment, he is out of Dortmund matches. The enthusiasm over his behavior and the attack by Bellingham is just too great.

After the uproar over Felix Zoer in the last Bundesliga summit between Borussia Dortmund and Bayern Munich (2:3), the FIFA referee will not be leading the league matches for the time being. The ruling of German Football Association president Lutz Michael Frolich confirmed this to Kicker.

“For us, unlike some outsiders, this is a less important subject,” Merry said. “But in my opinion he would not be responsible to all parties in such or a similar situation to start the same group again.”

Zuer was heavily criticized by Dortmund after their 3-2 defeat. Young BVB star Judd Bellingham has attacked the 40-year-old fiercely. And the Englishman had indirectly accused Zuer of bribery, in reference to the scandal of the 17-year-old referee implicated Robert Heuser.

According to court records, Zuer, who helped expose the scandal, accepted the money like Huiser at the time. Frolich contradicted this, because the status of the file may not correctly reflect the actual facts: “Here is Robert Huyser’s statement that Felix Zuer took money for Felix Zuer’s money, which he denied. In this case, the verdict was accepted,” said the 64-year-old. He also confirmed: “Whenever the operation reopened in recent years, Felix told me he hadn’t accepted any money.”

At the same time, Frolich criticized the “shameful consequences” of the Great Duel, which amounted to a jolt. “The management of this game, especially the person Felix Zuer, certainly does not deserve this kind of cross-border approach,” Frolich stressed.

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