Broadmasters Edition: Kia Soul EV - Beach Soul

Broadcasters Edition
Kia Soul EV – With Soul on the Beach

Some surfers may have already imagined what it would be like if they could drive straight to the beach in an all-electric car and take off in the waves from there. A suggestion for this was made with the release of the Kia Soul EV Broadmasters.

Even if some SUV accents make the Kia Soul look tough, the Stromer isn’t suitable for off-road trips. Until now. Because the only version made by the British subsidiary Kia called the Broadmasters Edition is now raising the Korean to Olympus Off-Road.


Due to the larger wheels, the Kia Soul EV grows to a height of 1.95 metres.

(Photo: Kia)

The basis of the new Kraxler is a comprehensive chassis transformation, which provides, among other things, more ground clearance. In addition, the wheel arches have been enlarged to make room for the particularly rough and wide tires with the descriptive name “Maxxis Bighorn”, which were designed specifically for driving on sand. The white painted edges contrast with the Neptune blue exterior.

Also in white is a roof rack designed to transport longboard surfboards. This is optimized to be as flat as possible so that the 1.95-meter car with the panels can also drive into garages. In addition, a small solar panel has been installed on the roof that provides additional electricity. Thanks to the solar solution, the operation of the cooler box and additional lights should not affect the supply of the traction battery. As with the production version of the Soul EV, this is 64 kWh and should offer a range of over 400 km despite increased tire consumption.


By removing the rear seat, the Kia Soul EV Broadmasters Edition gains 315 liters of additional storage space.

(Photo: Kia)

In the Broadmasters version, Kia also modified the rear of the passenger compartment. The rear seat has been removed to add 315 liters to storage space. White painted wood panels should also allow wet items such as neoprene suits to be transported. A small stool and holder for wet clothes can be folded from the trunk itself.

If you see yourself driving a Kia Soul EV Broadmasters Edition to the beach, stop right now. Unfortunately, this is a one-time piece that was built only for display purposes. The concept car, built on the already planned pre-production model of the scrap baler, is not for sale either. You can actually see the unique specimen at its official premiere from August 11-15 at the Broadmasters surfing event in Cornwall.

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