Will Helen Fisher surprise her ex-boyfriend?

Florian Silberisen turned 40 on August 4th. Ten days later, he celebrates his “big birthday beach party” with several musicians. Will his ex-partner be in this event?

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Saturday evening, the “Big Beach Party” kicks off on the first. The show will be moderated by Florian Silberisen. However, the station has kept track of artists who will appear on ARD this weekend. Until now.

“Andrea Berg, Andy Borg, Beatrice Egli, DJ Ötzi, Ross Anthony, Jürgen Drews and many more stars are on the guest list for the outdoor show,” now announced ARD. Helen Fisher was not mentioned in the station’s letter. But that doesn’t mean it can’t happen.

Will Helen surprise her ex-boyfriend?

In 2019, for example, the pop singer interrupted her break to appear on “Schlagerbooom.” And her appearance on the anniversary of the festivals was not announced in advance, because she wanted to surprise her ex-girlfriend and the audience with her performance.

There is also a big anniversary coming up now. Florian Silbereisen celebrates his 40th birthday on August 4 – and he’d like to celebrate it with fans and fellow musicians at the “Big Beach Party”. An occasion that Helen Fisher shouldn’t miss.

"hit bum": In November 2019, Helen Fischer surprised her ex-boyfriend Florian Silberezen live on TV.  (Source: imago photos)“Schlagerbooom”: In November 2019, Helene Fischer surprised her ex-boyfriend Florian Silbereisen live on TV. (Source: imago photos)

Schlagerqueen and the presenter were a married couple from 2008 to 2018. The translator, “Breathless” played an important role in his life for many years. In addition, the singer released the new single “Vamos et Mart” last Friday with Latin star Luis Fonsi. The two could celebrate their duo’s television debut on the show, which also marks Silbereisen Television’s 30th anniversary.

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“Hit Beach Party” in Gelsenkirchen

Until recently, it was also not clear where the three-hour broadcast would take place. “By the end of the week, shows have been prepared and planned in five different locations in order to be able to locate the best show under the current conditions at short notice,” Florian Silberizen said, explaining the major effort.

In the meantime, the “Grand Christmas Beach Party” is sure to be reproduced on a large outdoor sandy beach platform at the amphitheater in Gelsenkirchen and will be broadcast live on Saturday.


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