British political scientist Gillis: 'Johnson's been crazy all his life'

Status: 08.07.2022 10:37 AM

Great Britain is tired of Prime Minister Johnson – even if he doesn’t want to admit it, says British political scientist Gillies In ARD Morning Journal. His behavior towards his party is also disrespectful and self-centered.

British political scientist and contemporary historian Anthony Glees calls the government crisis in London “monkey theater” on ARDmorning magazine. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson “so-called resignation letter” on Tuesday Unworthy of their name, he says and judging: “Johnson has been a crazy person all his life. He doesn’t know what the word truth means. Not just since 2019, when he became prime minister – but his entire career is a mess and lies.”

Anthony Gillies |  June Custard

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Anthony Gillies, a political scientist and contemporary historian, is a professor at Buckingham University and heads the Center for Security and Intelligence Studies, BUCSIS. As the British son of parents who emigrated from Germany, he considers himself a European and watches the European Union with particular interest.

‘This is infuriating’

In the speech, Johnson only listed the things he believed he did very well – from Brexit to supporting Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky: “No apologies, no acknowledgment of so many lies, none. So much damage he has done!” ”

Regarding rumors from the British press that Johnson first wants to catch a big wedding with his wife Carrie Johnson, Gillies says – referring to the Partygate scandal over festivities at the official residence that Johnson organized during lockdown: “Party, again party! That’s awful, rude!” But with his brazen way of doing politics, I don’t think it’s over until he’s actually been kicked out of 10 Downing Street.”

“Very selfish”

When asked how much support Johnson has among the people and how he has been able to hold out for so long despite the numerous scandals, Gillies said: Johnson used his power of persuasion to sell Brexit as something positive for Great Britain – and also noted the electoral success of In 2019, when he brought a majority of 80 and many Labor seats in Parliament to the Conservative Party – “not entirely respectful but self-centered”.

At the same time, during his tenure, Johnson received support from the popular media while lobbying hard on the BBC. As a result, the headlines painted a different mood from what prevails among the people, as Gillies says: “The British are tired of Boris Johnson. He doesn’t want to understand it, but these are the facts. It’s crazy he didn’t realize.”


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