Breast cancer is a disease that silently kills thousands of women around the world. It is known that he is silent because of his presentation, which is practically unknown to the majority. It happens suddenly in most cases. Many patients only know that they are critically ill.

How is breast cancer detected and prevented?

Get a consultation. Above all, this is what is recommended for all women. It is clear that the target of breast cancer is women. But scientific trials prove that there is a small possibility in men, too. Even if this possibility is small, it does exist.

To reduce the risk, the best way is to consult a doctor. Especially for more exposed women. Regarding screening, women over the age of 50 need to see a doctor more frequently. To date, it is counseling that gives you more reliability and allows you to better prevent.

When and how is the examination performed?

After their fifties, women are advised to visit a doctor at least once a year. Once at the doctor, he will perform breast manipulations to detect any abnormalities. It can be swelling, pain, or even a deformity. At the level of the nipples one can notice a deformation suspicious of cancer. But the doctor also monitors other parts of the body that are close to and attached to the breast. Symptoms may appear on the armpits and collarbone. In some people, you may see discharge at a certain age.

What about a breast self-examination?

It is necessary to understand in this way a way to consult without the help of a doctor. It’s good but not reliable for two reasons.

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The first is that gestures are not a personal invention. It is not a matter of touching the breasts as you would like. This should be learned from your doctor, who will tell you exactly what to do.

The other reason is that there is something to look for specifically in each part. So, a self-examination is good when you have a full training. Otherwise, it is better to go to the doctor so as not to mistake the gesture or the diagnosis.

It is helpful to know about the risks of mammography and breast cancer

Breast x-rays are troublesome for patients. This is really inconvenient according to specialists. The few seconds are unpleasant.

Thus, mammography is not without risks to women’s health. This is justified by the exposure of the body to X-rays.

In order not to risk too much in this regard, this should be done once every two years if possible. When it comes to risks, specialists talk about family history. Thus, a woman who has had pancreatic, ovarian, or breast cancer in her family is at greater risk.

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