Born from giant DNA: Researchers unveil special meatballs (VIDEO)

Born from giant DNA: Researchers unveil special meatballs (VIDEO)
Watch the video: Big DNA was bred – researchers gave a special meatball.

Story: The last woolly mammoth became extinct about 4,000 years ago. We may never know how they moved or what they looked like. But thanks to science, we can now tell roughly what they tasted like. In the Netherlands, an Australian company has introduced an unappetizing meatball made from lab-grown meat that contains mega-DNA. A huge meatball, so to speak. or K├Âttbullar. Tim Noakesmith, founder of “Vow”: “We wouldn’t eat mammoth pie right now. That doesn’t mean you can’t eat it. But the protein is literally 4,000 years old. It hasn’t been around for a very long time. A long time ago. Man It should get tested.” Very strict like any other product you want to launch, but we wanted to show it first and not necessarily launch it right away.” After all, Australians compare the smell to the smell of crocodile meat. AHA. “There are two reasons why we chose the mammoth. The first is that we want to stimulate discussion about something different from the meat we eat today. And the foods we eat need the second reason is that the mammoth is a symbol of loss. The mammoth has been wiped out by climate change. And we wanted to draw attention to a different future.” . Gaps in the DNA used were filled in with genetic information from an African elephant.


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