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No more rest at the EU’s external border between Belarus and Poland.

While the regime of Belarusian dictator Alexander Lukashenko, 67, brought about 2,000 migrants at the Kuznica border crossing to a nearby logistics center in order to hypocritically present its humanity to the international press, the situation is getting worse elsewhere.

Like the Polish border guards ReportsOn Saturday evening, several immigrant groups agitated, apparently armed by the Lukashenko regime, attacked the border about 100 kilometers to the south.

Representatives of the Lukashenko regime make a propaganda visit to the migrants now being housed

Representatives of the Lukashenko regime make a propaganda visit to the migrants now being housedFoto: Leonid Shcheglov / dpa

Yesterday, in the outpost protecting the Dubicze Cerkiewne area, there were several attempts to force the border to break through. The largest group consisted of about 200 foreigners and the rest were dozens of people.”

According to the Polish border guards, whose information cannot be verified because Poland does not allow journalists to go to the border, the border attackers were “aggressive” and “threw stones and fireworks and used tear gas.”

► Soldiers from Belarus also took part in stone throwing, Polish police reported. The photos show the alleged attackers as well as the window of a dumped police car.

Poland has accused Lukashenko’s regime in the past of drugging migrants and then using smoke, gas and shock bombs to put them on Polish border guards.

Allegedly arrested German escape workers

In general I got it According to the Polish authorities Friday also witnessed “195 attempts to cross the border illegally.” “Five foreigners were arrested” and “Decisions against 82 foreigners to leave the territory of the Republic of Poland.”

Whether these 82 cases are considered “pullbacks” – illegal under EU law – by migrants who have crossed the Belarusian-Polish border is unclear in the contacts of Polish border guards.

In addition, the Polish authorities said they had arrested a German escape worker in the border area. “Citizens of Ukraine and a German citizen were arrested on charges of aiding and abetting,” the border guards said in their daily report.

In response to a question by BILD, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said: “We have taken note of the report. Colleagues in our diplomatic missions in Poland are concerned and are currently working hard to clarify the matter.”

For weeks, thousands of refugees from the Middle East, including many Kurds from Iraq, have been stuck in the Belarus-Poland border region in frigid temperatures. The European Union and several BILD researches accuse Lukashenko of deliberately smuggling refugees to the border area in order to exert political pressure. More than 7,000 migrants are said to have entered the country on smugglers’ flights.

Poland erected a border fence and amassed more than 15,000 security guards at the border. Lithuania is also currently building a four-meter-high wall on the border with Belarus.

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