Bodybuilder Shows Ulcers As Deterrent – MANN.TV

Bodybuilder Shows Ulcers As Deterrent – MANN.TV

Because Bodies Lag From Steroids: Bodybuilder Shows Ulcers As A Deterrent – Most competitive athletes should realize that taking steroids is not necessarily a healthy idea. One bodybuilder even had to stay home for nine months because of the substances. The reason: the appearance of wounds on his body that distorted his skin and at the same time caused excruciating pain. Now an online fitness trainer is warning other bodybuilders to stay away from the stuff.

Dave Hartree is 24 years old and hails from Waterford, Ireland. After two severe outbreaks of ulcers, he desperately searches for doctors who can help him. His back is now full of so-called keloid scars, as are his chest and arms. These scars appear as a noticeable increase in scar tissue, which may be pink, intensely red, skin-colored, or generally darker than the rest of the body.


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