Bitter, this weekend’s derby: Castle Huskies also lost against Nauheim

Bitter, this weekend’s derby: Castle Huskies also lost against Nauheim

Castle Husky in the derby against Bad Nauheim.

© Andreas Fischer

What a bitter weekend derby for huskies. Two days after the dramatic 2:4 match in Frankfurt, the ice hockey players in Kassel also lost the home game against Bad Nauheim.

Kassel – 1:3 (0:1, 0:0, 1:2) Kassel played against the Devil – which is far from his Hessian rivals.

Joel Kesen is back in the Derby Part 2, and striker Dennis Shiffrin again. Nauheim comes with the recommendation of seven straight wins, including the derby in Frankfurt. Well, the husky misses that. The duel with Nauheim – unlike Friday’s heated one – begins with caution. Portal sights are not available. Jerry Cohn in goal gets a little more work than the outnumbered Huskies from the fifth minute onwards.

However, they survived it with confidence and soon afterwards had double bad luck: Lukas Laub from left – Latte. Joel Kesen, right. This rattles. A bit like a wake-up call. The derby is also gaining more speed. The pace increases. Kuhn has to risk his head and neck when Jordan Hickmott suddenly appears in 13th place. Keusen is unlucky because his slaps slap twice. A foul on Jimmy McQueen goes without penalty.

Then it’s 0:1. Robin van Calester’s shot could save Kohn, but Stefan Reiter’s sideline sits back. Huskies are in the back even when you hear the sirens.

Shifferin and Mitch Wahl open the second round with a double chance. But the wait for Kassel’s first goal continues. Nauheim defends very cautiously, very stable. It is far from a spectacular exchange of blows as it is in Frankfurt. But it is a very intense fight that lacks scoring opportunities. After all: in the 29th minute there is the first cheers in the stands. After Wal’s shot, the goal twists into the net. But only in the external network.

Kassel’s pressure continues to grow. It is now a search for the loophole that requires a lot of patience. Nauheim is very close to its own target. And if a shot like Keusen’s (31) succeeds, then there’s Felix Beck. Husky survives the second issue – the punishment is as dubious as the first – without any problems. On the other hand, the first majority they got in the closing stages is very poor. The only chance? Ask the guests to counterattack. Cohn dodges the secret ‘Hickmott’ shot.

residue remains. Even worse, it grows at the beginning of the last trimester. Cassell loses the puck, then goes too fast. Noheim makes a save, Hickmott puts across the goal and only Jerry Polastron has to push into the right corner. 2-0 in the 42nd minute is a real mortgage.

But now the hosts are hitting back with the mail back. It takes 39 seconds, then connect there. Lucas Loeb pulls out behind the gate and plays for Brett Cameron who doesn’t give Beck any chance. Less than two minutes later, after a great move by Jake Weidner, the tie should already fall, but for the third time the rubber lands on the metal. Mail!

Huskies are now constantly progressing. Rutkowski from the right half, the central election, the wreath near the gate – they all failed. So here comes the thing to fear: Hickmott closes in on a counter-attack in the 54th minute with 1:3. He’s brutally efficient, and his bitter weekend derby is perfect.

You can read the live indicator here.

The stats: This is how Kassel Huskies played against Bad Nauheim

Referee: Abel/Newzer

Spectators: 3140

Tore: 1:0 (16:38) Reiter (van Calster, Stephan), 0:2 (41:43) Pollastrone (Kevin Schmidt, Hickmott), 1:2 (42:22) Cameron (Laub, Keussen), 1 : 3 (53:36) Heckmut (polastron, Kohler).

Penalty minutes: Kassel 8 – Neuheim 6

from Frank Zemke


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