Bio Prep Watch: Zach Wilsons mom supports him after challenging four-sack day in Miami

Title: Zach Wilson’s Mother Defends Son’s Toughness Amidst Recent Controversy

In a recent social media video, Lisa Wilson, mother of New York Jets quarterback Zach Wilson, revealed that her son had tried to stay in Sunday’s game against the Miami Dolphins, despite experiencing vision problems. Lisa defended her son’s toughness and loyalty to his teammates, contradicting a report that suggested Zach had been reluctant to resume starting duties earlier in the month.

Unfortunately, Zach’s performance on Sunday was far from impressive. He completed only four of eleven passes for a mere 26 yards before being forced to enter the concussion protocol. Lisa explained that her son developed blurred vision and depth perception issues after taking another blow to the head during the game.

The extent of Zach Wilson’s injury remains uncertain, leaving doubts about his availability for the upcoming game against the Washington Commanders. With the Jets already out of playoff contention for the 13th consecutive season, this setback adds to the disappointment of their eight consecutive losing seasons.

The team’s dismal performance has placed head coach Robert Saleh’s job on the line, with rumors swirling that he may be losing the locker room. However, Saleh remains optimistic, believing that the team is still united and continues to fight.

Adding to the Jets’ woes, star quarterback Aaron Rodgers, who was expected to potentially return from injury for the final few games, remains in rehab, with his status uncertain. With only three games left in the season, the Jets have a limited opportunity to salvage some optimism and potentially save the jobs of both Saleh and General Manager Joe Douglas.

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The upcoming game against the Washington Commanders will prove crucial for the Jets, as they look to overcome their recent challenges and end the season on a positive note. All eyes will be on Zach Wilson’s recovery and the team’s ability to rally together under pressure. Stay tuned for updates on Bio Prep Watch as the situation unfolds.


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