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La Cuadra: A Project Blending Technical Solutions and Rural Heritage

La Cuadra, a remarkable project combining technical advancements with the preservation of rural heritage, has recently caught the attention of architectural enthusiasts. Designed as an extension to an original stable, this innovative project doubles the surface area and volume of the structure while creating a multipurpose space with various amenities.

One of the key features of La Cuadra is its connection to the original house through a charming patio. This not only fosters a close relationship between the house and the surrounding outdoor areas but also serves as a unique design element. The project also includes an elevated porch with a lightweight pergola, providing the perfect spot for climbing plant species to flourish.

The interior of La Cuadra boasts an exposed structure with a distinct greenish-white layout, reminiscent of nature’s own branching patterns. To add warmth and beauty, the floor is made of large-format pine wood panels, enhancing the organic feel of the space.

In stark contrast to the surrounding built environment, the exterior of La Cuadra exhibits a reseda green metallic finish. This lightweight and eye-catching feature not only stands out but also pays homage to the rural setting it resides in.

Environmental sustainability is a crucial aspect of La Cuadra’s design. The project incorporates black basins that cleverly collect dew water. This collected water is then efficiently utilized in the garden during the day, reducing the dependence on external water sources.

Beyond its aesthetic and functional aspects, La Cuadra aims to serve as a cultural asset within its rural environment. By seamlessly blending modernity with traditional elements, this project not only celebrates its surroundings but also becomes a representation of the area’s rich heritage.

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As La Cuadra continues to garner attention, it is positioning itself as a shining example of how architectural projects can simultaneously embrace technological advancements and preserve rural heritage. With its innovative design, functional amenities, and commitment to sustainability, La Cuadra is undoubtedly making its mark within the architectural world.


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