Bio Prep Watch: Tech founder aims to make death optional

Billionaire biohacker Bryan Johnson is making waves in the anti-aging world with his controversial $2-million-a-year Blueprint protocol. The protocol, aimed at reversing his biological age to 18, has garnered both praise and criticism for its radical approach.

Johnson’s daily routine includes unusual choices such as eating his last meal at 11 a.m., taking over 100 supplements, and undergoing a series of tests and experiments. Despite the raised eyebrows, Johnson insists that his ultimate goal is not personal immortality but making death optional for loved ones.

In a bold move, Johnson is funding treatments for his father to extend his life and has even offered his own blood plasma for transfusions. He believes that significant advancements in longevity will be made in the next few decades through the use of AI and technology.

Sharing his lifestyle and data monitoring progress for free online, Johnson hopes to inspire a shift in mentality towards addressing societal issues like climate change and AI. While some aspects of his routine have been commercialized, Johnson remains steadfast in his mission for the greater good of humanity.

Critics may question his methods, but Johnson is determined to continue his fight against death for the betterment of society as a whole. As he pushes boundaries and challenges norms, Johnson believes that his work is just the beginning of a larger movement towards a longer, healthier future for all.

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