Bio Prep Watch: Quinn Ewers leads No. 7 Texas to victory in Big 12 title game against No. 19 Oklahoma State

Title: No. 7 Texas Dominates No. 19 Oklahoma State 49-21 to Clinch Big 12 Title

In a thrilling showdown, the No. 7 Texas Longhorns outplayed the No. 19 Oklahoma State Cowboys, securing a resounding 49-21 victory in the Big 12 title game. Quarterback Quinn Ewers emerged as the star of the game, leading the Longhorns to triumph with a remarkable performance.

Ewers made a resounding impact from the get-go, commanding the field and showcasing his immense talent. In the first half alone, the quarterback impressed with 346 passing yards and four touchdowns, setting a career-high for passing yards in a single game. He also claimed the Big 12 title game record for the most passing yards, leaving the audience awe-struck.

The win against Oklahoma State marks a significant milestone for Texas, as they clinched their first Big 12 title since 2009. Ewers’ stellar performance, along with the team’s outstanding efforts, propelled them to success.

Notably, the Longhorns finished the season with a maximum of two losses, showcasing a remarkable improvement from previous seasons. The team’s consistent performance throughout the year has garnered attention and respect from fans and pundits alike.

However, Texas must now await their fate in the College Football Playoff (CFP) selection process. The team has presented a strong case for inclusion, with their sole loss coming at the hands of No. 12 Oklahoma. Moreover, wins against powerhouse opponents such as Alabama and Kansas State further solidify their claim.

Despite these accomplishments, Texas still needs at least one loss from Georgia, Michigan, or Florida State to guarantee a playoff spot. If Georgia emerges victorious and Florida State falls short, the Longhorns would likely secure a spot in the prestigious playoff.

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The potential exclusion of Texas from the playoff is a testament to the highly competitive nature of this season. Several one-loss or undefeated teams are vying for a spot, intensifying the race for inclusion. Nevertheless, the Longhorns have proven their mettle and deserve serious consideration.

In slightly unfortunate news, Texas’ star wide receiver, Xavier Worthy, suffered an ankle injury during the game against Oklahoma State. However, the team remains optimistic that Worthy will recover in time for their upcoming challenges.

As the season wraps up and the CFP selection committee prepares to make its decisions, Texas fans eagerly await the outcome. The Longhorns have left an indelible mark on the field this season and hope that their hard work and achievements will be rewarded with a playoff berth.


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