Bill Kaulitz: Bandmate George wants to

Bill Kaulitz
Bandmate George wants to “walk away” from his picture

Bill Kaulitz

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Bad atmosphere among the members of the Tokyo Hotel? Bill Kaulitz makes no secret of his habitual alcohol consumption. Much to the chagrin of fellow bandmate George Listing, who had to have a “serious word” with the lead singer.

Bill Kaulitz, 32, talks with “a little hype” about a new episode of the syndicated podcast “Kaulitz Hills – Mustard from Hollywood” with his twin brother Tom Kaulitz, 32. He had a “little summer drink” before the taping plunged into the boat, reveals . The fact that the “Tokyo Hotel” stars drink alcohol during podcasts is now a real ritual. Only one person seems to dislike the party image of his bandmates: guitarist George Listing, 35.

Bill Kaulitz: George ‘gets a lot slowly’

“So the picture, George doesn’t like it at all. He just had a serious word with me. He said it was too much for him and he wanted to distance himself from it,” Bell told his brother. He asks, “Personally or professionally?” “I think both. I don’t think he thinks it’s good for my career. He also thinks it’s particularly exaggerated. He doesn’t think it’s good to be attached to him like that,” says the band’s singer.

Inclusion of George with Bill and Tom Kaulitz

Inclusion of George with Bill and Tom Kaulitz

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Now George wants Bill to take a “different path,” “which isn’t the case at all,” the 32-year-old justifies himself. “I always save that for the podcast. It’s a special day and then I’ll have a drop here on the podcast, but other than that I’m going to turn my ass off.” Bill is one of the most hardworking people he knows, and Tom also advocates for his twins.

Tom Kaulitz: “He’s the Absolute Little One”

After a photo session with the whole band, George is not happy lately. Bill then moved on together to do promotional work and interviews. While the head of the “Tokyo Hotel” was glad that the radio stations had already prepared a “good landing” for his visit, the guitarist only laughed, as if to say: “What a picture, that everyone is already putting champagne in front of you. This is embarrassing!”

However, Bill Kaulitz does not want to listen to his colleague’s cautionary words and urges people who will meet him in the future not to discourage them from the alcoholic salute. Tom explains, “We love George more than anything, but he’s the complete opposite of us. He’s very versed.” He hardly drinks at all and allows himself only beer in exceptional cases.

Source used: “Kaulitz Hills – Mustard from Hollywood”



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