Big Powertoys Update: Now With Native ARM Support

Microsoft has released a genuine ARM64 version of the PowerToys toolkit. Windows users with ARM-based devices can finally try out the new version 0.59. The update also brings other new features.

PowerToys is an increasingly essential component for Windows users, with additional features ranging from keyboard shortcut support to a window manager to the handy PowerToys Run feature. The tools have been available for both Windows 10 and Windows 11 for quite some time – only until now the native app for all users connecting to their ARM devices has been missing. This is now changing.

More innovations and improvements begin

Support for ARM chips has appeared in previous tests, but version 0.59 is the first update that now brings all the pieces together. Aside from ARM64 support, there are a number of improvements such as additional updates, new keyboard manager shortcuts, and WinUI 3 for Power Rename.

Problem with additional file explorer

A number of bugs reported by users have also been fixed. These included issues with Fancy Zones Window Manager and Image Resizer, and an issue with File Explorer add-ons where WebView2-based modules were limited to files less than 2MB. Another fix in the Always on Top function deals with windows that crash when minimizing a window using Win + D.

With the new update, there is also a preview of upcoming features. According to the development team, they are now working on an environment variable editor and PowerToy for screen scaling.

You can learn more about the changes in Github on project page. You can find the latest version, PowerToys Release v0.59.0, in the WinFuture download area. We’ve linked the toolkit at the end of this article and also provide helpful help.

Hint: We present all PowerToys in detail in a large FAQ article and give many valuable tips on how to use them. It’s also worth checking back regularly, as we update the article regularly when functionality is improved or new functionality added.

Download PowerToys – a toolkit from Microsoft
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