Biden to Declare Emergency US Military Mission to Construct Pier off Gaza Coast for Aid Delivery

In a groundbreaking announcement during his upcoming State of the Union address, President Biden will unveil plans for an emergency US military mission to construct a vital port in the Mediterranean Sea off the coast of Gaza. This port will serve as a crucial gateway for delivering essential humanitarian aid to the war-torn region.

The newly constructed port will have the capability to receive large ships carrying crucial supplies such as food, water, medicine, and temporary shelters. Additionally, a temporary pier will be set up to accommodate additional truckloads of aid each day, ensuring a steady flow of assistance to those in need.

This ambitious mission will be a collaborative effort involving the US and partner countries, with plans already underway and forces in the region ready to spring into action. Despite the complex nature of the operation, American troops will not be required to be on the ground, as the US military will leverage its unique capabilities to carry out the mission effectively.

The US government is also continuing to exert pressure on Israel to allow more aid into Gaza by land. However, exploring alternate options to ensure aid reaches Gaza remains a top priority, especially in light of the ongoing humanitarian crisis.

Since the beginning of the conflict, the US has already provided over $180 million worth of aid to Gaza, with plans for additional support in the pipeline. Meanwhile, Israel is working on establishing a third land crossing into Gaza to facilitate the direct flow of aid to the population in need, with the first delivery expected within a week.

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In a recent show of solidarity, the US conducted its third air drop of aid into Gaza, consisting of 192 bundles totaling nearly 113,000 meals. These efforts underscore the commitment of the US and its allies to provide much-needed assistance to the people of Gaza during this critical time.


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