Biden nominates Trump critics as chief of US Border Police
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Biden nominates Trump critics as chief of US Border Police

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The number of immigrants at the US border with Mexico continues to rise steadily. US President Joe Biden has now introduced Chris Magnus as a candidate to head the National Border Police. He is considered a vocal critic of Donald Trump’s policies.

IAmid an increase in the number of immigrants on the border with Mexico, US President Joe Biden has revealed his candidate to head the National Border Police. Chris Magnus, the chief of police for the border city of Tucson in the southwestern state of Arizona, has repeatedly criticized former President Donald Trump’s immigration policy.

The White House said on Monday in Washington that Magnus, as a “modern” police chief, has many years of experience running the Customs and Border Protection Agency (CBP). The Senate has yet to approve the nomination.

Magnus is said to be the son of immigrants himself – one of the parents came from Norway. He grew up in Michigan, where he also started his police career. He later drove police in cities in North Dakota and California, among others. She also said that Magnus has been with her husband for 15 years.

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The number of immigrants and refugees arriving in the United States via the southern border has increased significantly recently. There are also many unaccompanied minors among the immigrants – nearly 19,000 in March alone. Biden is under mounting pressure due to the increase in the number of immigrants. Republicans accuse Democrats of stirring up a crisis over more liberal immigration policies. Former President Donald Trump had made strict sealing of the southern border one of his priorities.

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