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  • There are two newcomers in the starting blocks for “Der Bergdoktor”.
  • Lead actor Hans Sigl has now introduced the new faces on Facebook.

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Hans Siegel is back at Wilder Kaiser! Filming of the 16th season of “Der Bergdoktor” has begun in full swing since the beginning of May. While Ines Lutz and Simone Hanselmann no longer appear in new episodes, fans can look forward to two of the new arrivals. Lead actor Hans Sigl has now introduced the new faces on his Facebook account.

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First, the actor teased new co-star Felix Kreutzer and co-star Maxine Kazis with a blurry photo showing the two in the background, writing, “When mates are having fun. @kreutzerfelix and maxinekazis are nice that you’re with us.”

Shortly thereafter, Sigl also showed the two newcomers’ faces: “And here they are from the front again,” he wrote for a selfie in which the trio laughed at the camera.

How do you know Felix Kreuzer and Maxine Cassis?

For Felix Kreutzer, this wasn’t the first appearance on “BergDoctor.” In the 2021 winter special, he was actually seen in the popular series as a friend of a mountain guide in Elmo who was suffering from leukemia. It is not yet clear what role he will play in the new season.

In addition, the homeland of Salzburg, who grew up in Bavaria, is known from the Sky series “Das Boot” and from several episodes of “SOKO Kitzbühel”. Previously, he worked in various theaters, including the Vienna Volkstheater.

The Greek-Swiss actress Maxine Kazis became famous, among other things, from the series “Tierärztin Dr. In 2022 she starred in the “Inga Lindstrom” series “Butterflies in my stomach” and in “Rosamund Pilcher: Love is Unpredictable”. Previously, Cassis has made a name for herself as a singer.

The movie “Bergdoktor” will be back on TV in 2023

Fans will have to wait until 2023 for Dr. Martin Gruber’s clinic to open its doors again. The exact start date is not yet known.

However, Hans Sigl is clearly looking forward to returning to the set in the heart of the Austrian Alps at Wilder Kaiser. He posted a picture of the mountains on Facebook and wrote: “Calm. The matter. Clarity. The mountain.” In fact, everything is “beautiful”.
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